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By Jennifer Lesser

20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Tamarie was made using the Tamino kit by Iris Klement. He is Limited Edition 49/333.
His lifelike details were made using Genesis Heat Set Paints. It was baked multiple times to fully cure the paint, details, then varnished with Heat set Matte/satin mix. Gloss was used in all the right places to mimic wetness. He was assembled using fine glass beads in the arms/legs up to the elbows/knees, then stuffed with poly-fil and sealed closed. He also has pouches of fine glass beads in his cloth body and his head to add weight in the right areas. He has Cluster Stuff in his body. Cable ties were used for added strength. His neck did not fit a ring so it does not turn, but is floppy enough to tilt to the sides. He has 3/4 limbs.
He has a magnet inside on his mouth so he can take a magnetic pacifier. (Altered pacifier to fit his mouth shape better)
He has Sponge painted hair and rooted eyelashes.
He has realistic scratches on one hand and an ankle (shown in pictures)

Due to numerous inquiries about what race he is - I would say he is a light African American baby. You can see his skin tones compared to my hand in the picture. I am light Caucasian.

* He is approximately 20 inches long
* Weighs 5 pounds, 5 ounces
* He was reborn on December 14th, 2017 at 4:52 pm.

Ordering Information:
Each baby will come home with the artist's choice of:
* a blanket
* 2 outfits
* socks
* Bodysuit
* magnetic pacifier
* diapers
* hat or hair accessory

ALL SALES ARE FINAL, no returns or refunds accepted, please look over the ad carefully and contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Sales to USA only at this time.

All babies are shipped via USPS Priority with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation.


$275.00 USD   (approx. 275.00 USD)

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  Jennifer Lesser
The Lesser's Lovely Little Reborns
United States

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Hello I am Jennifer. The artist behind the babies you will find by The Lesser's Lovely Little Reborns. Everything is brand new, high quality materials used, and patience and love with every detail. My work space and home are smoke free as well as pet free. I have been painting blank vinyl baby kits since November, 2015. Each baby will have fine glass beads for weighting, as well as polyfil for stuffing. Cable ties will be used when assembling the baby. I mostly use Genesis Heat Set paints and each paint step is baked to cure. Each baby is sealed with a varnish, then glossed in the appropriate areas to mimic wetness. I have also started using Reborn FX air dry paints. Those babies will state the type of paints used. Each closed mouth baby will have a magnet inside it's head for use of a magnetic pacifier. Closed eyed babies will have rooted eyelashes. Some open eyed babies will as well. Non-smoking and pet free nursery. Each baby will come home with a blanket, a pacifier, 2 outfits of my choice, 2 diapers, and other goodies. I will also include some photos with the appropriate information. Thank you for looking. I hope to hear from you soon. ** USA SHIPPING ONLY **


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