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Libby - Cindy Musgrove


Great price for this type of quality. I am an experienced artist and have been creating my kits since 2007. I create my dolls to last for many years with proper care.

This gorgeous big reborn baby doll has been created from the kit, Libby by Cindy Musgrove for Bountiful Baby. This is a good sized kit and she is a chunky chubby precious doll. The look I wanted for this reborn doll was that of a darker complected ethnic baby.

I've have used only Genesis heat set paint to give Libby true life-like skin tones. Genesis paints do not flake off or fade. I wanted to give this little angel the skin tones of an ethnic baby girl. It has taken me layer upon layer to work up this look for her. She has very natural looking sweet skin tones which I would describe as golden browns. I've worked on my little baby doll for many hours, days and weeks to make her this detailed. I gave her very subtle veining, sweet mottling, realistic painted eyebrows and many sweet little details.

She has very soft skin tones on her sweet little mouth. I've finished her precious lips with a soft satin finish. I've added slight moisture to her nostrils and sides of his mouth.
I did opt to give little Libby a magnetic pacifier to hold onto. She has a magnet behind her lips. Please use caution around any equipment or persons sensitive to a strong magnet..

I gave Libby beautiful black baby eyelashes. I did mix in some soft brown tones to blend into the darker mohair. Because she is representative of a bigger infant I wanted to give her more substantial eyelashes. They have a lovely curve to them and they match her thick head of rooted mohair. The lashes are glued from within very securely but I would still recommend using caution when putting clothing over the doll's head and face.

. Libby is weighted to fell like a real baby girl. She has jointed limbs that do move freely and makes posing and changing clothing easier.

As I wanted to represent Libby as a slightly older baby and because of her size, I decided she would look amazing with a very full head of rooted mohair. I've worked on her rooted hair for many countless hours. I love the way her hair looks on her as this really was what I was going for. Her hair is very thick black mohair. It is very easy to comb through without a lot of tangles. If her hair does tangle gently comb through the tangle without pulling on the hair. I gently take a good quality comb and slightly roll it through the head. Her hair is very securely glued into place. I used a good quality hair conditioner as a last step on her. I am very pleased with the style. The crown can be gently swirled around. You can locate the crown easily as there is a very slight red dot in the center of the crown. The mohair that I've used is a quality mohair. I did use different textures for a more realistic look. I've left it just long enough to style without too much tangling. (the back of the neck on Libby has some molded lettering but her mohair covers it so it is not noticeable.

My home is completely smoke free. I try to include everything covering the making of my dolls. If you have any questions please contact me.
Please be aware my doll is not meant to be a play toy for small children. Not recommended for children under the age of 13.
With careful care my dolls will last for many years.

I am always very precise with the finger and toe nails. They are very realistic looking. I use a magnifier and paint them over and over until I am happy with the result. The nail tips are a natural looking color giving the look of a sweet baby manicure. Baby's hands and feet have been blushed sweetly and each crease, fold and wrinkled has been shaded for realism.

The limbs on my baby are 3/4 length but the cloth caps are not overly prominent. She can still wear a onesie without a lot of cloth cap showing. I've weighted the doll with quality fiber fill, plastic poly pellets and fine glass beads The limbs move freely and the doll can pose sweetly and is easy to dress. Baby's head can be gently turned. I would advise to support her head even though she is a bigger doll.

Please be aware that my baby doll has been created to be a collectible item and not suited as a play toy for a small child. Also, please keep away from chewing pets as the limbs contain fine glass beads. If this doll is properly cared for it will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Please be sure you want this doll before purchasing as I do not accept returns for my reborns. If you have qny questions at all, please contact me and I will answer with complete honesty.

Libby's layette will include the clothing she is seen wearing in the pictures (with the exception of the light beige hat with the ribbon = that is used as a prop and the orange scarf that Libby is wrapped in. Her layette will include a custom Certificate of Adoption with the name of Libby (or name of your choice and the name of the adopting parent) -- A magnetic pacifier, a care sheet with my suggestions for keeping your reborn doll in pristine condition. No other items or props will be included. (I do pick out one of two additional clothing items of my choosing.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 22" (55.8 cm)

Age: Older Baby
Gender: Girl
Hair: Rooted
Skin Color: Dark

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Adopted for $150 USD   
(approx. 150 USD)

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  Victoria F Arjaev
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