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Baby has soft subtle painted veining.

Realistic painted hair!!





Maddox - Cindy Musgrove

Must be 18 or older to purchase my baby doll. I will only accept paypal and will ask for signature confirmation upon receipt of the doll.

My beautiful baby boy Maddox sculpted by Cindy Musgrove is now available for adoption. This kit was a total delight to work with. He is a good sized little boy weighing approximately 5 pounds and measuring approximately 19 inches. He is an ALL vinyl anatomically correct little boy. I've created him to resemble a very newborn baby with lots of mottled skin tones, baby kisses and stork bites. He can wear newborn size and because of the full vinyl body, can wear a larger variety of clothing.

He has been painted only with genesis heat set paints. This is the painting method that I've used for all of my reborns because of the durability and the amazing realistic skin tones I can achieve. I have added multiple layers transluscent paint to build up the skin tones. I've paid extra attention to his little creases and fat folds. Baby was given soft and realistic looking little finger and toe nails. My little boy also has some little tiny milk bumps on his nose.
I've also opted to give my little baby boy a head of amazing painted hair. It has taken me a very long time to complete his realistic head of hair. I use paint brushes with only the fewest of bristles and build up layer upon layer of little baby hair strokes. I've given baby a beautiful crown and swirl, and lots of tiny baby hairs on his face. He can now wear lots of caps and hats without having to recomb his hair. I've finished it off with a permanent matte varnish to make the hairs look even more real. Baby's eyebrows were hand painted with a layer of matte varnish added to make the brows look even more real.

I use only high quality items to weight my reborns with. The torso and head were weighted with plastic poly pellets and high quality fiber fill. The baby's limbs were weighted with very fine glass beads and topped with fiber fill. The head and limbs were also capped to prevent any leakage.

This type of kit is really my favorite to work with because of the precious anatomically correct torso. Keep in mind that because of that it will not be as floppy as a reborn with a cloth body. I think the tradeoff is well worth it because of the realism the vinyl torso gives baby.

I've also opted to give him a magnetic pacifier so please do excercise caution around any equipment or persons sensitive to magnets.

I DO NOT accept any returns or exchanges on my reborns. Please be sure this is the doll for you. If you have any questions at all I will be glad to answer them with complete honesty. I take immense pride in my dolls and I want to have a happy customer. The doll will arrive with all of the clothing shown in his pictures.

I will include a custom certificate of adoption with a watermark picture of the doll. If you would like to name him and include the name of the adopting parent please advise me asap. I strive to get my packages mailed out within two business days of the purchase. If I don't receive any instructions I will be glad to include a blank certificate of adoption to be filled out by you.

I also will include a care sheet with my own suggestions for keeping your reborn baby doll in pristine condition. No other items or obvious props will be included. (I do normally put in an extra item of my choice)

Thank you for looking at this adorable reborn. I could not be happier with him and I'm sure he would be a delight to have.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 19" (48.2 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Boy
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian

This item is no longer available for sale

Adopted for $255 USD   
(approx. 255 USD)

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