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Limited Edition Adelynn aka Brianna
By Peach Fuzz Nursery

17 inches (43.1 centimeters)

"Brianna" Limited Edition Adelynn by Emily Jameson!

-Limited Edition 323/350
-Painted with GHSP
-Brianna is 17 in" long.
-Fully wieghted to about 4-5 lbs.
-Hand rooted premium curly blonde mohair
-Hand rooted eye lashes
-Painted eyebrows
-Scented with baby powder waffer
-Fingernails, toenails, lips, eyelids, and ears lightly glossed.
-Light skin with subtle undertones and blushing
-3/4 arms and full legs
-Premium soft doe suede body, gathered bottom
-Wears premie size clothes
-Magnetized for a magnetic pacifier (included​)

Brianna is a limited edition Adelynn, sculpted by Emily Jameson! Certificate is 323 of 350! Carefully​ painted and detailed with GHSP, fully weighted, and has hand rooted hair, to look and feel like a real newborn baby! Her head is weighted so it will need to be supported like a real newborn.She is very detailed and even smells like a real newborn baby fresh out of a bath, with baby powder scent! She is so precious once you pick her up you won't want to put her down! She is very delicate and a true beauty!

Brianna will come home with:
-One pink dress
-One pink sleeper
-One pair of socks
-One pink headband
-One pink hair bow
-One baby blanket
-One magnetic pacifier
-Her Teddy
-Numbered certificate

Ordering Information:
-Ships within 24-48 hours
-Ships through USPS Priority 1-2 days (tracking included)
-If alterations are requested please allow 1-4 days​ on shipping.
-Shipping and handling fee ($30-$40 U.S. - $60 -$75Canada)
-ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! So, please look over the picture (s), and ask questions before purchasing!
- United States and Canada shipping ONLY at this time.
- United States s&h fee: $30-$40
- Canada s&h fee: $60-$75


$299.00 USD   (approx. 299.00 USD)

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  Stephanie Kent
Peach Fuzz Nursery
US United States

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Welcome to Peach Fuzz Nursery! I am very passionate about Reborning, and each one of my babies are "brought to life" through days/weeks of creativity and careful detailing. I really try my best to make sure each baby is unique/special in their own way! Each one of my Reborns were created in a Smoke and pet free environment. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for considering Peach Fuzz Nursery, located in the beautiful peach state of Georgia!


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