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Her body

Back of her head

Jamina older biracial
By Northwest Reborns

22 inches (55.8 centimeters)

Jamina is being sold as a BOO-BOO baby/toddler because her eye glaze did not dry perfectly as I like (see pictures). It isn't that noticeable except when you're looking at her from super close-up and know it's there. No one who has seen her in person notices it. But all the same I know it's not perfect - lol

She has been painted with many layers of Genesis heat set paints and rooted with Premium curly mohair in medium brown. Her eyes are dark brown glass and her eyelashes are rooted in dark brown.

Jamina weighs 7lbs 5oz and is weighted with glass beads and premium polyfill. Her body has 3/4 limbs which means her arms and legs have 'caps' which makes her very posable.

She will come home with 2 outfits, blanket, a brush and comb, pacifier (she has a powerful magnet behind her lips to secure it), adoption certificate and care instructions.

Ordering Information:
THESE REBORNS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE TOYS. As such they need to be handled as gently as a real newborn would be. Do NOT use anything but a baby face cloth dampened with warm water and gently wipe. Do NOT use baby-wipes as they contain alcohol and can damage the paint.

I do not accept returns (for example, buyers remorse, sudden money issues, you feel you can't 'bond' with the reborn, etc) so please ensure you're a serious buyer before committing to the purchase. If you purchase this reborn and decide she/he isn't what you were looking for then the responsibility will be yours to re-sell him/her. If you have any questions please contact me. I'm happy to assist you with whatever questions you have. I, also, want to ensure that this is a positive experience for you and to make sure that this reborn is the correct one for what you are looking/hoping for.
All my reborns are packaged in such a way to protect them during shipment. I swaddle them in the blanket they come with (covering their face and head, as well), and use air packs or bubble wrap to securely wrap them from head to toe; to ensure a safe delivery to your home. If shipping to the USA I provide customs with a baggie with samples of the contents inside the doll (weighting material and fiber fill) as well as a description of each - in hopes they don't feel a need to disturb the packaging.

Adopted - $299.00 USD   (approx. 299.00 USD)

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  Sonja Dame
Northwest Reborns

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