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By PattyCakes Nursery

22 inches (55.8 centimeters)

This is a big chunky baby boy, although you could change to a girl, this baby weighs almost 6 pounds. He was painted with many layers of GHSP , rooted eyelashes and hair. I try very hard to get as few hairs per hole as possible. Hair looks really nice when spritzed and brushed in the direction of the rooting. He will come with the outfit he has on, a blanket a magnetic paci, a comb and brush set and a little pair of booties. He has full arms and 3/4 fat little legs. He is a beautiful baby

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$150.00 USD   (approx. 150.00 USD)

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  Dorothy P Myer
Patty cakes Nursery
US United States

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Hi, Welcome to my page. I have loved dolls all my life but never thought I would become an artist. I love painting and bringing these babies to life. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching the transformation of a blank vinyl canvas into a sweet, realistic baby boy or girl that someone will love for years to come. I use Genesis heat set paint starting with a nice skin tone (several layers) then veining and blue undertones. After each layer is baked I apply mottling of purple and then red. More baking, then onto blushing and creases. More baking. Finally nails are tipped and glossed as well as the lips. Eyebrows and lashes are done at the very end of the process. Some have painted hair and some are rooted I try to root as few hairs per hole as possible. Before I root , the baby is sealed with matte varnish and baked for the last time. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than a thrilled customer. Please be sure about the baby you order. I offer no refunds. All sales are final. I will be glad to offer detailed pictures of the baby you order to ensure you are completely satisfied before making your final selection.


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