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Harper - Donna RuBert

Up for adoption is this precious all boy little baby doll. He is created from the amazing all vinyl kit by Donna RuBert for Bountiful Baby. It has an all vinyl complete torso that wraps around a cloth body. It makes for a very realistic reborn doll that can wear a large variety of clothing.

I have painted my doll only with genesis heat set paints. I love the amazing transluscent skin tones, blushes and details I can achieve with these paints. When properly heated the paints bond to the vinyl. No fading or flaking paint with this type of paint. I am always extremly detail oriented when I complete my babies. I spend many hours, days and weeks giving the doll realistic mottling, subtle veining, precious finger and toe nail tips and appropriate blushing for the age of the baby represented.

I specialize in painted hair as most of my babies are tiny newborns. I love the slightly balding look with the hairs laying close to the scalp. My painted hair looks so real. I paint hundreds and hundreds of individual strokes with a paint brush that has only the fewest bristles on it. I have added a matte varnish to the hair to give it dimension and depth. A doll with painted hair is perfect for someone that likes to put on lots of caps and hats. This is a timely technique but I love the finished look on my dolls.

The doll is weighted to feel very close to a real baby. I've used fine glass beads, plastic poly pellets and finest quality fiber fill on Harper. The vinyl torso covers up the cloth body of the limbs and heads so very little cloth can be seem. The head can be turned from side to side. The limbs can be moved also.

The doll is 19 inches and weighs 5 pounds and 12 ounces. Length and weight are close approximates.

The doll has been given a magnet inside of the head behind the mouth to hold onto the magnetic pacifier. Please use caution around any equipment or persons that would be sensitive to such a strong magnet.

My doll has been created to be a collectible and not a toy. I don't recommend for children under the age of 12.

Please be aware that sale of this doll is final. No refunds. I would be unable to sell the doll as new if it is returned to me. Please be sure you want the doll before purchasing. If you would like more pictures please let me know.

The doll will ship with the clothing seen in the pictures. The doll wears newborn size clothing. I will include another outfit for a little boy in newborn size of my choosing.

No items or props will be included.

I create a custom certificate of adoption with the name you choose for the doll and the name of the adopting parent. I make the date of adoption the day of the sale unless you specify you would like a different date. I include a care sheet with my suggestions for keeping the doll in pristine condition.

I put all of my skills, patience and love into creating these baby dolls. You will be purchasing a quality reborn doll. I hope the pictures show all of the time that went into this little creation.

Artist: Victoria Arjaev

Length: 19" (48.2 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Boy
Eyes: Awake
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: White / Caucasian

This item is no longer available for sale

Adopted for $275 USD   
(approx. 275 USD)

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  Victoria F Arjaev
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Estero, Florida


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