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The precious reborn baby doll that is offered for adoption has been created from the kit, Nod, by the very creative and talented Donna RuBert. I love working with Donnas' kits as her dolls have the most amazing realism to them. I have named my baby doll Charlie and will refer to him with that name throughout this description. This doll is a full vinyl doll that has an anatomically correct torso. The limbs and head are attached to the body with flanges. If you are interesting in purchasing Charlie, I would advise you to view the kit on Bountiful Babies website to see what the kit looks like before completion. The vinyl used for this kit is harder that the majority of the reborn kits on the market. This to insure the integrity of the joints. As a result the completed baby doll does not have the movements that a doll with a jointed cloth body has. I hope you can tell from the pictures of Charlie how much time, patience, skill and love was put into his making.

I've used only Genesis heat set paint to give Charlie true life-like skin tones. I wanted to give Charley the skin tones of a very newborn little one. He has sweet blotchy skin tones and stork bites. I've worked on my little baby doll for many hours, days and weeks to make him this detailed. I gave him very subtle veining, sweet mottling, realistic painted eyebrows and many sweet details.

Charlie was painted with layer upon layer of soft translucent skin tones. He has very soft skin colors on his sweet little mouth. I've finished with a layer of air dry gloss. I OPTED NOT TO GIVE Charlie ANY MAGNETS.

The doll's nose was not opened but shaded for realism instead. .
Charlie is a closed eyed doll. I opted not to give the doll any eyelashes. I thought that because of the small eyelids it would look better without them.

Charlie has soft subtle painted barely there wispy eyebrows that match the color of his painted hair.
I feel that Charlie is truly one of a kind. Each reborn artist has their own techniques. The same kit can look so different from artist to artist. All items used in the making of Charlie are new and first quality. When I hold this beautiful little baby doll in my arms I find myself rocking him just as though he were real.
One of my delights in reborning is picking out very cute clothing for my babies. I could never go into a department store without going to the baby department to look at the little outfits. Now I have a real reason to go looking and shopping for baby clothing. I have put together a very sweet layette for Charlie. Because the doll is so small he is almost a preemie and can wear some preemie clothing. While I am not trying to sabotage my own auction, I am always honest and up front in how I describe my baby dolls. I have dressed the doll in some newborn sizes but they are big on him. I tried several preemie outfits that were too small. He seems to, in my opinion, be a larger preemie. If you are handy with crocheting and knitting you might like to make some adorable preemie patterns for this little man. Because he is full vinyl he will be able to wear a larger variety of clothing.
I spent countless hours painting Charley with a delicate head of baby fine hair. I lay down layer and layer to build up depth and realism. Painted hair on a reborn baby doll is perfect for someone that likes to put lots of hats and caps on the dolls. The little style will always look neat and sweet. I added a layer of matt varnish to give the baby hairs a very realistic look. While I do both rooting and painted hair I love the effects I can get when I take my paint brush in hand. I can get very lovely swirls, crown and fine baby hairs. The brushes I use have only the very fewest bristles so I get a very fine line. Most people are so surprised when I tell them baby's hair is painted.
My home is completely smoke free. I try to include everything covering the making of my dolls. If you have any questions please contact me.
Please be aware my doll is not meant to be a play toy for small children. Not recommended for children under the age of 13.
With careful care my dolls will last for many years.

I am always very precise with the finger and toe nails. They are very realistic looking. I use a magnifier and paint them over and over until I am happy with the result. I've used air dry gloss to finish them off. Baby's hands and feet have been blushed sweetly and each crease, fold and wrinkled has been shaded for realism. Charlie has the most precious hands and feet. I love working with open fingers on the hands on my dolls. The toes on Charlie's little feet are just so precious.

Charlie's weight is approximately 3 pounds 8 ounces

My home is completely smoke free. I try to include everything covering the making of my dolls. If you have any questions please contact me.

Charlie's layette will include the clothing he is wearing, my care sheet for keeping him in pristine condition and a customized birth certificate with the name Charlie, or your choosing with the name of the adopting parent.

Artist: Donna RuBert byVictoria Arjaev

Length: 16" (40.6 cm)

Age: Newborn
Gender: Boy
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Skin Color: Fair
Race: White / Caucasian

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Adopted for $185 USD   
(approx. 185 USD)

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