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Quinlyn 2

This very newborn reborned baby is the "Quinlyn' kit, by Bonnie Brown/Adrie Stoete, she is approx. 18-19inch with full arms and very bent legs. She has been painted with "FX" air dry paints, then sealed with an air dry matte sealer/matte varnish, and for extra durability, I applied 3 separate layers of "Genesis" heat set matte varnish. ( her complexion is that of a preemie newborn, reddy/brown with olive undertones) So if you are wanting a peaches, and cream baby, this would not be what you would desire. She has been weighted with tiny glass beads/polyester fiberfill, and weighs approx. 5 lbs. She has rooted lashes, which are rooted in a dark brown mohair, and her eye brows have been hand painted in a medium brown color. Her hair is combi hair, it has been hand painted first, then rooted using a 3 barb 40gauge needle, in a (Susan Nigel) chocolate brown mohair. She has an open nose, that has been backed with a dark felt, and glued in place, for depth. Her finger/toe nails have been nicely manicured, and glossed for extra protection. She has some newborn milia(milk spots) on her nose, and some on her chin, she also has a new born baby scratch on the left side of her nose, she also has a stork bite between her brows. She will also have a pin prick sore spot on the heel of her left foot. She has a small red heart behind her right ear, a signature mark, which is put on all the babies that I reborn, and will not be removed. This baby is not a childs toy doll, she is a handcrafted piece of artwork, and should be handled with care(as one would a real baby) She will be coming home with her C.O.A. a magnetic pacifier/diapers, and an outfit of my choosing. Caution should be taken when around electronics/pacemakers, as the magnets are very strong. Please...only serious people, ask all/any questions you may have regarding this baby prior to purchasing, and I will gladly answer them, if at all possible. I do not offer refund, and all my baby sales are final. Please don't consider to purchase, unless you have done your homework on this baby, also... some potential customers might not be aware that close up photos will make the baby look bigger, keep in mind the actual size, in the description, the size of a reborn is measured in its length, not weight, or how big the close up shots make a baby look, just something I needed to put in to protect myself as a seller.
P.S. Keep in mind that colors may also vary depending on lighting, ( natural/artificial ) devices used to take photos, and devices used to view this reborn, and thank you for taking the time to read more thing "PLEASE DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER, UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO PURCHASE THE BABY " , and I also appreciate/expect good communication, that is key in any online business transaction.

Artist: Laurie Heilman
Sculpture by: Bonnie Brown/Adrie Stoete
Kit Name: Quinlyn
Length: 18½" (46.9 cm)
Weight: 5 ibs.

Certificate Of Authenticity (COA): Yes

Head Material: Vinyl
Body Material: Cloth
Limb Material: Vinyl
Age: Newborn (0-2 mo)
Gender: Girl
Arms: Full Length
Legs: Full Length
Eyes: Asleep
Lashes: Rooted
Hair: Painted & Rooted (Combi)
Paint: Air Dry Paint
Weighting: Fine Glass Beads
Weighting: Polyfil
Skin Color: Mottled
Race: Biracial / Multiracial
Realborn: No
Pacifier: Included
Pacifier Type: Magnetic Pacifier
Drink and Wet: No
Smoke Free Environment: Yes
Pet Free Environment: Yes

Category: Reborn Baby
Availability: Ready to be shipped

Ordering Information:
If interested in one of my reborns, contact me via my email([email protected])I check this everyday,and will get back to you with further instructions, should you wish to make a purchase. I do not do lay aways/partial payment plans, so please do not inquire about this, and please read all that I provide in the babies listings, as most questions can be answered there, thank you.

Terms and Conditions:
Shipping to Canada, and the United States will be free, and anywhere else, shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. $100.00 Canadian dollars will be expected to be paid on top of the cost of the reborn of choice, towards the cost of the shipping, by customers outside Canada, and the Unites States. All customers must keep in mind that purchasing anything outside your Country will generally accrue some extra fees such as Taxes/customs charges, which will be the responsibility of the customer to pay, not myself.

Return Policy:
Please read everything that I provide on any baby that you might be considering to purchase, the detailed description provided for each baby will answer most all questions one may have regarding the reborn in question, ask any questions that you might have prior to making a purchase, and I will gladly answer them, if at all possible, just make certain the baby you might be considering to buy, is the baby for you, as I do not offer refunds, or returns, and all my sales are final.

Canada        Free Shipping          TrackingInsurance included
United States        Free Shipping          TrackingInsurance included
Rest of the World    CAN$100.00 CAD    ($100.00 CAD)    TrackingInsurance included

Shipping to the United States/Canada is free, this does not include any/all customs/taxes that there may be. Other Countries will pay $100.00Canadian dollars towards the cost of the shipping, I will pay any over the $100.00 Canadian, mind you...this does not include any/all customs/taxes that there may be, those are the responsibility of the purchasers to pay.

Layaway Is Not Available

Payment Options:
Pay by PayPal

Bank Transfer, E-transfer

CAN$1500 CAD   
(approx. $1500 CAD)
   Doll is ready to be shipped

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