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Twins A and B

This listing is for me to make you TWO reborn dolls from the Twin A and OR Twin B kit.

$625 plus $35 ship for this set of twins.

You choose the combination. You can have:
2 Twin A's
2 Twin B's
1 Twin A and 1 Twin B

For EACH baby you can also choose:
brown or black painted hair or bald

Will take 2-3 weeks to complete from the time I receive the kit and supplies needed. If you are not able to wait this time, please pass this listing over.

Babies listed are previous Twin A and B I did and not the ones going home with this listing. Previous babies show what your baby may look like so be sure you really want this custom as there are no refunds or returns.

I use Genesis Heat Set Paints. Each baby will be given shading, mottling, blushing, veining, rooted and sealed lashes, baby powder scented wafer in the body, tipped and sealed nails, and painted hair.

Only Twin B will require a magnet for a pacifier if you wish.

Twin A has an open mouth which allows the use of a full or modified pacifier and baby bottle nipple! It adds a level of realism for those that enjoy play feeding their babies or like using pacifiers on their babies.

When completed babies will each be 17 inches and weigh 3-4 lbs. with 3/4 arms and full legs on a cloth body.

Each baby goes home with the following layette:

footed sleeper
hospital beanie
hospital id band
full or magnetic pacifier (Twin A gets a full pacifier-Twin B gets a magnetic pacifier)
baby bottle with fake formula only nipple is sealed

Artist: Barb Wilson

Length: 17" (43.1 cm)

Ordering Information:
I do not accept checks of any kind.

Please be sure you have a working email address when placing an order. A working email allows me to contact you should there be a problem I encounter with the address provided. I am having a large amount of un-deliverable mail, mainly from gmail accounts so please double check that the email you are providing on the order is correct.

I do my best to take all my pictures outdoors away from direct sunlight, ensuring I get close ups of the face, nails, hair and body. Be sure to take a good look at the pictures and ask questions before making your purchase as all sales are final.

I ship Priority Mail using Priority Mail boxes as I find it helps to keep shipping costs down for me which in turn helps me to keep my prices reasonable. I lay all my babies on their side in the fetal position and pack them nice and tight with as little wiggle room as possible. If this is something that will bother you, please pass the listing up.

I ship all babies Priority Mail with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation within the Continental U.S. only.

Please do not email me a different address other then the one on the verified Paypal account as I only ship to the address on the Paypal account. All such sales will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

Baby clothing and accessories range from new to gently pre-loved. I purchase from Carter's, Target, Walmart, JC Penney, and many online consignment shops. If this is something that will bother you, please pass up the listing.

Reborn dolls are created with the adult collector in mind. They cannot hold up to every day or rough handling. They are collectibles meant for displaying. They cannot hold up to every day or rough playing like store bought dolls. They are fragile and although the Genesis Heat Set paints are sealed and cured, paint can fade as it is not embedded into the vinyl and simple things such as clothing changes, playing or handling every day can cause paint to fade. Please keep these things in mind before making your purchase or gifting one to a child as all sales are final.

Please note that I video tape all packings and box opening returns right at the post office with an unbiased witness to ensure there is no question as to what was shipped to the buyer and what I received in the return.

Accessories and clothing may differ according to what I have in stock if gender change is requested.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns unless baby is not as described.


Please note that I package all babies carefully, laying them on their side with cushioning. It is a tight fit but I want the least amount of wiggle room as possible as baby travels to you. My box packings are not fancy and only contain the items listed baby will go home with. This allows me to keep my prices low so that every one has the opportunity to bring home their very own reborn baby. If this is something that you do not agree with, please pass this listing over.

Terms and Conditions:
Terms and Conditions are subject to change. 1. “You”, “Your” and “Buyer” refer to you, the person that logged into this website and clicked on any of my listings, my nursery, Barb’s Baby Dolls, messaged or emailed me and or purchased one of my reborn dolls. “Child” refers to any children or babies. “I”, “My”, “Seller” refers to me, “Barbara Wilson” "Barb Wilson" or my nursery, “Barb’s Baby Dolls” 2. By purchasing a doll from me, Barbara Wilson, Barb Wilson and or my nursery, Barb’s Baby Dolls, buyer understands and agrees to all of the following Terms and Conditions listed. 3. My dolls are collectible artwork and meant for adults only. I am not responsible for negligence in allowing a child or pet to have access to the doll. 4. I reserve the right to cancel any sale or refuse a purchase to be made. 5. Please do not duplicate, copy, redistribute, or republish any of my pictures or listing descriptions. 6. All purchases are final. No returns accepted. My dolls are pictured in different angles with and without clothing so that you can decide if you like the doll or not before you buy it. Buyer is responsible for reading the listing’s detailed description carefully, asking any questions and requesting additional pictures if there is something they feel isn’t shown or clear enough, before they make a purchase. Not liable for buyer’s remorse. 7. All my reborn dolls are fully insured and packed well and securely. Not responsible nor liable for dolls that are damaged, lost, misdirected or stolen after I have shipped. Buyer is responsible for filing a claim with USPS in the event the doll is lost, damaged or stolen. 8. My dolls are hand made by me and as such will have some minor, subtle differences since no two dolls are ever alike, this will include random baby blemishes or spots. This is normal when it comes to hand made items and not considered a flaw or boo-boo. 9. Unless specifically requested to be removed, all my babies come with magnets in the head and a magnet on their pacifier. Magnets can pose a choking hazard to a child or pet as well as a hazard to anyone with a pacemaker and or electronics. Buyer assumes all responsibility in making sure the reborn doll and magnetic pacifier are out of reach of anyone with a pacemaker, child, pet and or any electronics. 10. My reborn dolls contain small parts that can pose a hazard to children, pets and any person with mental challenges. Buyer assumes all responsibility in making sure the reborn doll is out of reach of any child, mentally challenged person and or pet. 11. Repairs to my dolls after they are shipped is limited to just replacing the cloth body along with the poly-fil fiber stuffing if I determine after examination that it is not salvageable.

Return Policy:
No returns. All sales are final.

This Doll Is Available for Custom Order

The baby shown here is an example of how this particular sculpt could look if custom ordered by you. It is not the exact doll you would be buying. Your price may be higher or lower depending on the options you select

Contact the artist for more information. Be sure to specify how you would like it customized (i.e., gender, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, painted/rooted/bald, etc.) so that a total cost can be given.

Shipping To:
United States        $35.00 USD       ($35.00 USD)    U.S. Priority Mail

Layaway Is Not Available

Payment Accepted:

Ask for price

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