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Linda Autry
All Crumb Snatchers Nursery
Emory, Texas


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I am the artist behind All Crumb Snatchers Nursery.
My goal is to design each reborn for people suffering from anxiety, depression, loneliness and any mental or physical illness or disability.
My first reborn was gifted to my close friend who was suffering with terminal cancer.
She was not able to have children of her own. On the day she passed away she was holding Oliver. That’s what she named him. Her husband called me thirty minutes after she passed away and stated Oliver helped her tremendously.
My second reborn was gifted to my 9 year old granddaughter who was struggling with anxiety.
I tell you these stories not to be depressing, but to share that these precious reborns truly aide in more than collecting and joy.
It is a proven scientific medical fact that when one holds a reborn, the brain throws off oxytocins, the same as when one holds a real baby.
All my reborns are painted with Genesis Heat Set paint. They have between 16 to 21 layers of mottling, veining, capillaries, milia and undertones.
They will have painted or rooted hair, some will be a combination of both.
I only use quality premium mohair.
Every reborn will be filled the quality fine glass beads and polyfill.
Each reborn will have rings and plugs.
My reborns will have rooted eyelashes and some will have rooted eyebrows.
I put in several hours a day into my art to bring you a reborn of realism.
My hope is to bring you joy, peace and most of all LOVE.
My my heart to yours thank you for viewing my nursery.

I do not do customs at this time.
If you have questions please contact me.

19½ " (49.5 cm)

$425 USD

20 " (50.8 cm)

$375 USD

Shyann 2
19 " (48.2 cm)


20 " (50.8 cm)


19 " (48.2 cm)


18 " (45.7 cm)
Elizabeth Hart