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Catherine Langford
Kittycatbutt's babies
North carolina
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If you are adopting a baby please email me immediately I will always respond within minutes to let you know I have received your order. I am a mother of four with two boys and two girls. So I definitely know babies. I have been doing reborns for over 8 years now all are hand painted mottling and veining and hand rooted eyelashes. I started reborning cause I had ordered a reborn for my daughter. The reborn had a beautiful head but her limbs did not match and I was furious. It was like someone just stuck a painted head on a doll. Well I then decided I can learn how to do reborns and so I did. Eight years later I am still reborning and enjoy it completely to see a plain kit come alive is very delightful. Some babies are great but some are difficult people do not realize the work that goes into painting these babies. I make my dolls affordable for everyone I spend many hours on each baby so I do not charge much for my time because I enjoy making babies. Everyone deserves a chance to own a reborn rather young or old it’s something you own and no one else has. No reborn turns out exactly the same. Each is different from color to veins to lashes. I don’t do hair because of the time put in to it and cost and most people do not realize the hair never looks real unless you maintain it gently and it never grows back. Also so many people do not know the difference in full limbs and 3/4 limbs. Full limbs means they have shoulders and full legs up to the doe suede body these babies can move and be positioned with help of you. It also means if you want to dress them in a sleeveless outfit you can or just a diaper. 3/4 limbs are limbs that go up to the shoulder of the doe suede body and leg that go up to hip of doe suede body. They move easier but are more of a floppy baby and easier to move freely they still feel like a newborn baby. I favor 3/4 babies more they just seem more movable. I do not do belly plates because to me unless you are photographing or using as a prop there is no since in having a belly plate. Most of these tie on. All of my babies come from Bountiful Baby.
Thank you to all my customers without you I would not know I had a talent. Enjoy your new adoptions.

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Artist: Catherine Langford
19" (48.26 cm)   COA N/A

$150 USD + shipping

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Artist: Catherine Langford
19" (48.26 cm)   COA

$150 USD + shipping

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Artist: Catherine Langford
18" (45.72 cm)   COA N/A

$150 USD + shipping

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