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Kimberly {sullivan} Soccoli
Buy-All-The-Babies (A baby’s journey)


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Welcome! Here is where you can literally Buy all the babies! Because, once you buy one, the experience is so amazing, you will want to experience it again and again! I know I sure did! Here you will find babies from my personal collection, as well as ones painted by me in my nursery-studio, “A Baby’s Journey reborns”. My daughter was born via Ivf after many years of fails, so it was a long journey to baby, so I wanted to carry that sentiment with me as an artist. Babies will specify if they are painted in my nursery, or from my personal collection. I have been an artist for quite a while, in many different types of media-sculpting, clay, photography, scrapbooking, paint, and making customized cement stepping stones. I started with reborns, painting bellyplates a couple years ago, to learn about the skin painting techniques. This has helped tremendously because it is the foundation to painting the baby. I like painting with deep colors, like a “just born” baby looks. Every baby I create is unique, and I can’t even make 2 identical babies. I don’t “paint by numbers”.

No returns/refunds. All sales final. All sold as-is. I am not responsible for color differences due to monitor/phone settings. Items may have small imperfections as they are handmade.

These babies are not meant to be toys, and I can not be held responsible if one is given to a child. Some contain a strong magnet in the head for a magnetic pacifier. Care around those with pacemakers.

All money received from sales goes to help with support services for my toddler daughter with Autism & Laryngomalacia, & our family during the pandemic. Thank you so much for adopting from me!

More babies on the way!

23 " (58.4 cm)

Adopted for $799 USD

18 " (45.7 cm)

Adopted for $229 USD

Huxley blank vinyl kit
22 " (55.8 cm)

Adopted for $130 USD

19 " (48.2 cm)
Alicia Garner

Adopted for $299 USD

Lou Lou
20 " (50.8 cm)

Adopted for $725 USD

17 " (43.1 cm)

Adopted for $389 USD

Blank Tony kit
18 " (45.7 cm)
Kimberly Soccoli

Adopted for $100 USD

20 " (50.8 cm)

Adopted for $245 USD

21 " (53.3 cm)
Babies by Olivia

Adopted for $699 USD

FB Marta
19½ " (49.5 cm)
Nadja Sandqvist

Adopted for $3700 USD