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Carrie Frantz
Carried Away Cuties
Bolingbrook, Illinois


2.5 years on Reborns
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My name is Carrie and I am the owner and artist of Carried Away Cuties. I have a huge passion for reborn babies, as they have helped me in my own life. I have a high level of integrity as an artist and I take great pride in my work. My customers are my #1 priority, and I consider them to be family to me :) I can make custom order of any kit available, or any of my babies that you see listed.
A bit about my personal background: I have been a homemaker and mother to 3 children for most of my life, (and now the proud grandmother of 1 grandson!). I divorced, and since then I have been struggling to find a way to support myself and my son (only child who is still at home with me.) I first began cleaning houses. That was going great, until I herniated 3 discs in my back. I already had a metal rod in my femur from a car accident 20+ years ago, and had mild back problems because of it. But after this episode, I was unable to clean anymore. I wound up finding a wonderful, supportive man and he now lives with me and my son. He is completely supportive about the reborns, both the ones I own and the ones I create, and he gives me lots of encouragement.
I first began collecting reborns, as they were helping tremendously not only with my depression and anxiety, but the horrible case of empty nest syndrome I was going through. (It is hard to lose your babies!). I was very intrigued by the artistry, and decided to become an artist myself in March of 2018. This is the most fun I have ever had in my life! Having babies again, getting to play with dolls, and getting to craft all day - job of my dreams! When I was a kid I always aspired to be one of Santa's elves when I grew up. And now I feel as though my dream has come true! Making toys all day and giving them to people, and seeing how much joy it brings into their lives - it's just the most fulfilling job I can think of!
This is my only self supporting income that I have for me and my family. Our lives, and trying to keep our home, depends on it. I do get a bit of help from family and my boyfriend, but it is barely sustaining us.So if you buy from me, you are literally helping to support my family. I hope to grow my business so that I can support myself off of it. I know it will take some time to build it to that level, but I am determined to make this my life's work.

Holiday Charm Chompers

Carrie Frantz

$14.97 USD

2 " (5 cm)
Carrie Frantz

$7 USD

Holiday Pacifier Clips
8 " (20.3 cm)
Carrie Frantz

$4.95 USD

Pacifier Clips

  $4.95 USD

Pacifier Clips

Carrie Frantz

$4.95 USD

Charm Chompers Toys

  $9.97 USD

FPrice Charm Chompers

Carrie Frantz

$14.95 USD


  $6.95 USD

Care Bear Soaps


Cloud Charm Chompers

Carrie Frantz

Adopted for $14.97 USD

Care Packages

  Adopted for $49 USD