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Sarah Belgrove
Cardiff , Wales   (United Kingdom)


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I’ve been reborning since 2016, I’m married with 4 grown-up children, two of each, I have 8 fur babies, 4 dogs, 2 rabbits,1 Guinea pig, and 1 cat, My children are my life, my dogs are my best friends, and Reborns are my therapy and passion. These started of as a request from my sister as I have an A+ in art, my sister was collecting these for her daughter and asked if I could make her daughter one, she loved it and realised I had a knack for this so I continued .My hubby thought this was one job I would never be able to do as I have had 1 still birth and 2 losses at 20 weeks, but I actually find it therapeutic as I said. And who doesn’t love dressing up a baby that smells of talcum power and looks darn cute. Many customers have brought from me locally and abroad, they buy for reasons like they love to nurture them or role playing. Alzheimer’s is another great way to introduce these babies, my father had early onset of Alzheimer’s and he passed away at 62, I was 27 at the time and his career, Alzheimer’s patients remember their childrens child hood when cuddling a reborn baby and all there memories come flooding back. It’s beautiful to watch. So for whatever reason you buy a reborn to love, it’s just teeny tiny tears doll just updated to the 20th century. As long as your happy, who cares. So Please feel free to browse my nursery, new Reborn,s are put up for sale when completed. Kindest wishes xx

Nod Girl
16½" (41.9 cm)

$550.40 USD

26" (66 cm)


Happy Sage 4 Months
23" (58.4 cm)

$611.50 USD

Grumpy Sage 4 Months
23" (58.4 cm)

$611.50 USD

22" (55.8 cm)

$672.70 USD

Rhynn mermaid
25" (63½ cm)


25" (63½ cm)