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Angie Jones
Lil Dumplins Nursery
Watkinsville, Georgia


8.4 years on Reborns
17 verified orders sold 

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I have been creating reborn babies since November of 2004 selling them on Ebay, FB, here and to local customers. I have also placed babies in Alzheimer's and Dementia centers where they have been used as doll therapy for the patients. For the last few years I have also been teaching reborn doll painting classes to students locally and at doll shows. I am an expert in the painting of vinyl dolls using air dry paints and mediums. My years of research into these products have culminated in one of the highest quality painted reborn dolls on the market. My reborn babies are created using quality reborn paints that are applied in many thin layers to achieve a realistic looking skin tone. The babies are weighted with either all glass micro beads or a combination of glass micro beads and plastic poly pellets in the body, head and limbs. The body is also stuffed with soft poly fill.

There are a few options available at Lil Dumplins Nursery when choosing a custom lifelike reborn doll depending on which best suits the wants/needs of the customer.

The first type of baby is what I call my AngieBabies™ line. This line of lifelike dolls have been fully painted and weighted and are what I most enjoy creating. They have the highest of detail and dimension. These dolls are painted with skin tone layers, crease shading, varying blush and mottling colors, undertones, veining and capillaries, lips and nails colored in detail, etc. to create a more realistic 3D looking baby. These babies are given a nice deer suede jointed body and weighted with sealed glass micro beads. Baby can be left bald with a lovely mottled and veined head, given painted hair with sealing mediums.

Due to severe tendonitits in my hand, I rarely ever offer a baby now rooted with mohair. I find that focusing on what I do best, painting beautiful babies, is the best thing for me and my health.

Full Reborn babies go home with 2-3 nice outfits, a blanket, a magnetic pacifier and/or hair bow and fake milk bottle if desired and may include other accessories.

Simply Baby™ Line.
Simply Baby™ dolls are a little less detailed than AngieBabies™ in order to keep the cost down for the Simply Baby™ line. These babies are great for first time collectors looking for a
more affordable reborn and as ComfortTherapy babies for the elderly.

Simply Baby™ dolls are blushed and shaded in peachy or strawberry skin tones. The lips and nails are colored, and they are given a nice body and lightly weighted. I do not weight the Simply Baby™ as heavily as an AngieBabies™ doll so that they are not too heavy for the elderly. Babies are usually 3 lbs or so. These babies are either left bald with a lovely mottled and veined head or are given quickly painted hair such as with a comb brush. Each baby will go home wearing either a printed or colored onesie, or a gown, or a sleeper and be wrapped in a soft blanket.
Magnetic pacifier, head band or baby hat, birth certificate and care sheet are also included.

11 " (27.9 cm)
Angie Jones

  Adopted for $500.00 USD

10 " (25.4 cm)
Angie Jones

  Adopted for $550.00 USD