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Speckled Freckle Reborns

Infants (4)
I am a fine artist with 20+ years experience in many mediums and fields of the art world. Currently enjoying the canvas offered by the world of reborning very much. Pleased to offer you lovingly created realistic reborns which have my heart and soul poured into each and every one. You will see the detail and time put into your baby from the moment you first lay eyes on them. I use only high quality industry standard (or beyond) products. The price reflects this and the many hours of work it takes to create these adorable cuddly babies. I aim to price fairly based on the end product.
Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Leif Asleep
18 " (45.7 cm)
Erin Young

$250.00 USD

Dominic Asleep
19½ " (49.5 cm)
Erin Young

$250.00 USD

Redhead Aria
17 " (43.1 cm)
Erin Young

$250.00 USD

Logan Awake
19 " (48.2 cm)