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Joanna Cervantes
Shine Bright Little Star Nursery
Lithia, Florida


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Thank you for stopping by and Looking at my Babe's..

I am a collector and up coming Reborn Artist. I have Loved reborns for many years now and l am a painter at heart, l first started painting at a young age mostly landscape paintings. Now l am taking my talents to creating reborns, l love how they all come to life and have there own story to tell. I need to sell some of my collection to have the refunds to start my adventure in this wonderful and joyful hobby of making my own Reborns. I Love to make people happy and I'm hoping to do that by creating a one of a kind reborn that you will Love just as much as it was to make them. I Have four wonderful children and have been married for 25 years to the Love of my life. Our children are all grown up now, so l miss having my babies be babies. I am still young at age 41, my husband and l started a family young. I am also a full time caregiver to our 23 year old son with severe autism nonverbal, he will always be our baby at heart. I hope this hobby brings many people happiness and joy as it has for me, and l will put lots of Love into my babies so that love is passed down to you. Thanks again for stopping by and Looking at my Nursery. Have a blessed day!...