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Hi there! I actually just started my nursery a few months ago and I’m super excited to bring you the babies I’ve worked so hard on!
My best friend and I work very hard on making our babies of the highest quality we can achieve!
We are not perfect as we are just starting out, but I would love to think we are going to be there eventually!
Reborning came as something unexpected for us, as we were only collectors before, but I have found it to be extremely fun and I really enjoy my job!
We use high quality mohair, and genesis heat paints which are sealed in matte or satin varnish so your babies paint will be made to last!
This is our full time job at the moment, and we will be taking customs in the future as well!
So please feel free to keep an eye out for that!
Thank you to anyone who purchases our babies, and just know they will come packaged with love!
We will be offering box openings with all babies purchased!
We are a smoke free environment and very sanitary with how we work.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!
I also will be listing babies from my personal collection which are NOT reborned by me.
All babies reborned by me will be stated under the listing.
Thank you for checking out our nursery, enjoy!

18 " (45.7 cm)
The Twisted Beanstalk Nursery


16 " (40.6 cm)
St. Cloud