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Reborn Babes Boutique
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Welcome loves to my nursey!!!!

I am new to the reborn community but instantly fell in love! I am however not new to crafting and have been doing all sort of crafting for the past 15 years. I started with reborn dolls recently after wanting to gather some real care babies and baby think it over dolls. I wanted to have these on hand for when my kids reached high school age. I remember having these as a teen and it taught me a VERY good lesson! I wanted to build a collection for my kids, and since they were kind of pricey I thought I would start soon. When I looked them up I started to think... hmmm how can I make them a baby that looked more real so that's when I came across a beautiful reborn baby. While I am aware the reborns are not for kids, I fell in love with them for me <3! I instantly was fascinated with the artwork, and being a big fan of crafting and art I wanted to learn how to make one myself. So here I am and I am having the best time of my life! I have my more beautiful reborns to come, so please stay tuned!

The profits of all my dolls I will be posting will be for a beautiful cause so I truly hope you can consider one of my babies :) My children and I are working on this self thought project for the upcoming 2021 Christmas season. Our goal is to ship out one box of family oriented gifts to each state in the U.S. A portion of the money made from the dolls will go towards supplies and towards items for the lower income families we will be helping out. Our goal is to support family time and helping bring families together, even if it is just one family. Thank you for considering my shop, please follow my Etsy page as well :)!! Rebornbabesboutique Thanks again :)!

16½ " (41.9 cm)

  $250 USD