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Mary Helen Bentley
Phoenix Reign Reborns
David, Kentucky


42 days on Reborns

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Hi My name is Mary Bentley. I am the artist for Phoenix Reign Reborns . The nursery is named after my baby girl who went to heaven. I enjoy watching each baby come to life in my hands. I believe they pick me and then pick their parents. I am a true blue legit country girl from the hills of Kentucky. My sister at 17 years old. She was with child and carried him for 7 months. When she lost him they found that she had a cancer tumor the size of a cantaloupe. She had a full hysterectomy and has never been able to be a mommy. I felt pulled to make her a baby that looked like William. I also took a labdorite heart pair to his grave. I buried one with William and nestled the other in her baby’s precious chest. She didn’t know I did this. So I videoed the hearts. And sent her the video before the baby. It was destiny. After Her baby was finished. I knew. Right then and there. That a higher angel has given me the talent and love in my heart to bring back what was once thought to be ashes, a beautiful baby just for you. I don’t really take orders for babys. The reason is they make them selves. They then choose which heart they touch and get adopted to a new home.

20 " (50.8 cm)