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Lizzie Braam
Lovely Babies Nursery
Born, Netherlands   (Netherlands)


24 days on Reborns


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Since October 2020 I have been making reborn babies. I was taught by an experienced reborn artist, who has been making reborn dolls for more than a decade, which made it possible for me to avoid making the obvious mistakes starting my career as reborning artist.
My dolls are very lifelike and all different from each other, since they are all very detailed, hand made and hand painted by using the best materials.
They are all weighted, so it feels like you are holding a real baby. They are all dressed differently and if you like (and have time to wait for the baby being made), they can be adjusted according to your wishes. The dolls are made with love in a smoke free home.
My lovely babies will be moving to their new parents wearing a nappy, a romper suit and an outfit. They will also bring a pacifier, blanket, toy, their name bracelet and their birth certificate.
They will make a perfect gift or you could also keep your baby all to yourself! They are not only suitable for decoration, but they are sturdy so that little, and not so little, baby parents can play with them too. There is only one thing you need to do: Enjoy these lovely babies!!

18.1 " (46 cm)


18.1 " (46 cm)

$210 USD

18.1 " (46 cm)

$230 USD

18.1 " (46 cm)

$285 USD