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Infants, newborn, sleeping (1)
Infants, Newborn, Sleeping, Awake, Custom (1)
There’s something about seeing and holding a baby that makes you feel good. The baby, so tiny and perfect just warms and thrills the soul. I started reborning in 2015 and every baby I make looks so real and special. I strive for realism which means getting the coloring and skin tone to match that of a live baby. On the newborn babies I like to add laungo on the face and shoulders for extra life like appearance. All my babies are rooted with quality hair to mimic the softness and look of real baby hair. The babies are also weighted with premium quality materials. When you purchase a baby from my nursery you will be receiving a high quality work of art!


$410.00 USD - Custom Order

19 " (48.2 cm)