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Leslie Viscioni
Cuddle Bunny Reborn Babies
Naperville , Illinois


16.9 months on Reborns
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My name is Leslie and I have been a reborn artist for a little over two years. Before that, I was a sixth grade language arts and social studies teacher for about 20 years. I ended up having to go on disability due to some chronic health issues. I took lessons on how to reborn from my best friend, Chris Gilbert of Babymine Blessings. I have sold many of my reborn babies on eBay and on the reborn baby message boards on Facebook. The reason for my nursery name is when I was a little girl, ( about 2 yrs old) my mom had this pink sleeper for me and my dad always called me his cuddle bunny. Well my dad was my best friend and my biggest supporter and unfortunately he passed away in July 2016. When I was trying to think a name for my nursery, I thought that the name would be perfect because my dad would’ve been really proud of what I’ve been able to do. I also Collect reborn babies. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me!

18 " (45.7 cm)
Babymine Blessings

$399.99 USD

16 " (40.6 cm)
Yuliya Bobkova

$649 USD

19½ " (49.5 cm)