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Adriana Erickson
Nani's Little Darlings Nursery


3.2 years on Reborns


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Welcome to Nani's Little Darlings Nursery. I have always loved babies and their unique little personalities. I have several reborns which I have created for myself. I love crocheting baby items for reborns. I decided to start this wonderful hobby after experiencing the empty nest. Each reborn baby is unique and I take my time creating each one. I have a vision for each reborn I create. Several layers are needed to add realism. I use FX air dry paints especially made for reborns along with matte and varnish. I use fine glass beads and poly-fil to give each baby the perfect weight. The reborns with hair are sealed on the inside so you may brush it gently. These reborns are not intended for young children to play with. They should be held gently like a real baby. My reborns come from a non smoking home. Please feel free to ask any questions. Each doll is artistically painted and I create each one with detail. I will send the baby out after full payment from PayPal and 2-3 business days. I will wrap your baby well for a safe arrival. Thank you for viewing my reborns.

19 " (48.2 cm)

$260 USD

Cap and Booties

Adriana Erickson

$23 USD

Crocheted Cap

Adriana Erickson

$13 USD

Crocheted Booties
4 " (10.1 cm)
Adriana Erickson

$13 USD

20 " (50.8 cm)

Adopted for $200 USD

19 " (48.2 cm)

Adopted for $175 USD

19 " (48.2 cm)

Adopted for $180 USD

20 " (50.8 cm)

Adopted for $150 USD