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     Patricia Hare
NJ, United States

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Patricia's review of Mary Hammelman (Mary’s Pre-Loved Babies ) Jan 21, 2024
Gorgeous, amazing Reborn with the absolute best box opening ever. Mary is super sweet and so nice to work with. Great experience all the way around. ❤

Jan 14, 2024

Patricia's review of Monica Erice (Monica Rae’s Reborns ) Oct 27, 2023
Beautiful baby and box opening with incredibly fast shipping. Monica is a lovely person to work with. The entire exchange was really easy and very pleasant. Thank you! ❤

Oct 3, 2023

Patricia's review of Shara M. Gallo (Mia Marie Art Dolls) Oct 20, 2023
Thank you my sweet Shara! This baby is your best work by far. You have outdone yourself with her beautiful hair, and the box opening was just incredible. I love her and as always, I love you!! ❤❤❤

Oct 17, 2023

Patricia's review of Kari Wilson (Southern Sweetness Nursery ) Oct 20, 2023
As always, a beautiful baby and an amazing box opening. You never disappoint Kari. Thank you so much! ❤
Reply from Kari WilsonOct 21, 2023

Thank you for being a loyal customer! 💗 Wonderful to work with and so kind! 💗
Sophia Grace

Oct 13, 2023

Patricia's review of Tiffiney Lynn Montgomery (Shade Tree Creations) Sep 10, 2023
The baby and box opening were beautiful. The “extras” that Tiffiney included were extremely thoughtful and much appreciated. Tiffiney is so sweet, very kind, and super easy to work with. ❤️

Sep 1, 2023

Patricia's review of Paige Hehn (Mother Rabbit’s Babies) Jun 20, 2023
Brittany has some of the most realistic hair and skin tone I have ever seen on a Reborn. P.aige is very, very talented and a super sweet person. I would definitely adopt another baby from her! ❤

Jun 14, 2023

Patricia's review of Dana Qualls (Retro Baby - Dana’s Reborn Nursery) Jun 11, 2023
Maeve is just so beautiful, and Dana is one of the most down to earth, gracious women I have ever met. I very highly recommend Dana's artistry, she will not disappoint you! ❤
Maeve 1st Payment

May 11, 2023

Patricia's review of Kelly Brandhuber (Kelly B’s Babies) Jun 11, 2023
Denver Rose is so amazing. He is a tiny little bundle of sweetness with the softest, most silky hair imaginable. This is the second baby I bought from Kelly and I hope there will be many more! ❤

Apr 27, 2023

Patricia's review of Renee Bouvier (Raendom Reborns) Jun 11, 2023
Such a beautiful baby and box opening. Renee was so easy to work with and so nice, I would definitely recommend her as a Seller!
Aria Sleeping

May 26, 2023

Patricia's review of Betsaida Thomas (Beautiful Babies By Betsy LLC) May 14, 2023
A beautiful baby and a beautiful box opening. His hair is gorgeous and he is so cuddly and soft. Betsaida is an amazing woman- the sweetest person ever. I would recommend her to anyone. ❤
Reply from Betsaida ThomasJun 1, 2023

Thank you so much Patricia! I truly enjoyed our conversations :) Keep in touch!

Apr 29, 2023

Patricia's review of Grace Cranford (Grace Cranford) Apr 29, 2023
Beautiful little baby girl with the best smile ever. She curls right up in your arms! And Grace is amazing as always! ❤

Apr 19, 2023

Patricia's review of Tara S. (Baby Love Nursery ) Apr 19, 2023
Beautiful little girl! She is adorable. Thank you Tara for a lovely box opening. You were really nice to work with. An absolute sweetheart! ❤

Apr 11, 2023

Patricia's review of Laura Inglis (Lavender lullaby’s ) Apr 14, 2023
Such a gorgeous, sweet baby. Her smile makes me smile! She is perfect and the box opening was lovely. We are really enjoying the treats you sent also! Thank you very much Laura. ❤

Apr 8, 2023

Patricia's review of Heather Norris (Heather's Hope Chest) Mar 14, 2023
Super sweet Seller and super sweet baby. Heather answered my questions and concerns quickly and honestly. Fast shipping also! ❤

Feb 26, 2023

Patricia's review of Tabatha Kelley (To the Moon and Back Nursery) Mar 14, 2023
Tabatha is warm, kind and so honest. Her work is flawless and the care she put into the box opening was incredible. My Reborn is absolutely beautiful a so lifelike, and I will cherish her always. ❤❤❤

Mar 4, 2023

Patricia's review of Ashley Schackart (sweet honey bees ) Feb 9, 2023
Ashley is really nice to work with and her box opening was so incredible. One of the best ever Loved it and loved the baby also! Thanks and I will continue to follow you! 💕

Feb 3, 2023

Patricia's review of Denise Cranford (Denise Cranford) Feb 9, 2023
Super adorable baby! Denise does amazing work and this baby is so precious.

Feb 4, 2023

Patricia's review of Linda Autry (A Baby Changes Everything Nursery) Jan 17, 2023
This baby is gorgeous beyond words. You have an amazing talent my sweet Linda. Thank you so much for the baby, the lovely box opening, and the friendship. ❤
Reply from Linda AutryJan 18, 2023

Sweet Patricia, Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a beautiful pleasure creating This baby girl for you. I pray she brings you many days of love and comfort. God Bless you & yours. 🌹🌹🌹
RESERVED Pearl dep

Dec 15, 2022

Patricia's review of Misty Medina (Shabby Little Babies) Jan 7, 2023
What a sweet, sweet baby! The pictures did not do her justice at all. I absolutely love her. The vintage dress and all her extras are amazing. Thank you so very much. ❤
Noel Angel on layaway

Dec 10, 2022

Patricia's review of Dana Qualls (Retro Baby - Dana’s Reborn Nursery) Dec 28, 2022
Michael is one of my most favorite sculpts. He has been Reborned beautifully and he is simply adorable. I love to hold him and just look at him lying in the cradle. Thank you Dana for this sweet baby!

Dec 13, 2022

Patricia's review of Melissa Trout (MLToriginals) Dec 28, 2022
I absolutely love this baby. She melts my heart whenever I hold her or look at her sweet face. She has such a calm presence and brings me s peace. What a wonderful addition she is! Thanks Melissa. 💕

Nov 5, 2022

Patricia's review of Art Reborn Collector (Natali Alabuschew ) Dec 15, 2022
Another incredibly beautiful baby from Natali. She has the sweetest eyes and her skin tone is amazing. The box opening was also one of the best I have ever received. Thank you again Natali! ❤️

Dec 2, 2022

Patricia's review of Art Reborn Collector (Natali Alabuschew ) Dec 12, 2022
Samuel is a sweetheart and a joy to hold! In addition, Natali was a great Seller. All my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. I even bought a second baby from her! Thanks Natali! ❤❤❤
Reply from Art Reborn CollectorDec 12, 2022

Thanks a lot . I'm very happy😍

Nov 28, 2022

Patricia's review of Julie Gerstein (Darling Art Reborn Nursery ) Dec 7, 2022
Love all of the clothing I received. The dress and bonnet are especially sweet. Thank you Julie!!! ❤
Lot 16

Dec 5, 2022

Patricia's review of Linda Autry (A Baby Changes Everything Nursery) Nov 13, 2022
This baby is so precious and very realistic. The box opening was amazing, and the extra things were really thoughtful. Linda, you are a wonderful artist and a real sweetheart. Thank you so much! Patr

Nov 9, 2022

Patricia's review of Amanda M Smith (Moonlit Moments) Nov 10, 2022
This baby is so tiny and sweet. She will be loved. Thank you for the fast shipping and the clothes and extras. You were so easy to work with. Hugs, Patricia ❤

Nov 5, 2022

Patricia's review of Brenna Marie Kurker (Layla Bugs Nursery) Nov 5, 2022
Another sweet and beautiful baby by Brenna. I love the expression on this little one's face! Brenna, you are always so patient and so kind. Thank you for that, it is greatly appreciated. Patricia ❤
Reply from Brenna Marie KurkerNov 6, 2022

Aw thank you so much Patricia! I’m so glad you love her! It’s always a pleasure doing business with you! 😍❤️❤️❤️

Oct 26, 2022

Patricia's review of Donna Rich (Aunt Daisy's Nursery) Oct 13, 2022
Such a beautiful baby boy and the details are amazing. You do such good work. Your box openings are perfect and your shipping is fast. Thank you!!! ❤
Reply from Donna RichOct 13, 2022

Thank you Patricia, so happy you are pleased with Royan.

Oct 7, 2022

Patricia's review of Melissa McCloskey (Colonial Home ) Jul 15, 2022
Precious, so cuddly and simply amazing Reborn. Super sweet and accommodating seller. Thank you Melissa for everything. The baby was packed beautifully and arrived quickly. Love her!!!!! ❤

Jul 10, 2022

Patricia's review of Grace Cranford (Grace Cranford) Jun 15, 2022
Such an incredibly lifelike and beautiful baby girl. Another wonderful job. I just love her! Thank you so much Sweet Grace. ❤
Reply from Grace CranfordJun 17, 2022

You're very welcome! I hope she brings you nothing but happiness for many years to come. I greatly appreciate you! <3

Jun 8, 2022

Patricia's review of Christianne Miller (Dolls by Chris) Jun 7, 2022
This was my first purchase from Christianne, and the baby and the box opening were gorgeous. The detail and love she put into this Reborn is apparent and amazing, and I am very happy! ❤

Jun 1, 2022