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     sue womack
United States

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sue's review of Marjorie Burba (Marjorie’s Doll Studio ) Jun 24, 2023
gorgeous doll, so life-like!!! beautifully packaged and shipped very quickly! thank you so much, im already in love with him❤️
Reply from Marjorie BurbaJun 24, 2023

I’m so happy that you love Kellan. I know there are a lot of options available for buying a fbs baby so thank you for choosing me. You were an absolute pleasure to do business with. Thanks again 💜

Jun 18, 2023

sue's review of Andrea Lee Mun (Andrea Lee Mun) Mar 28, 2023
Beautifully painted, so realistic! I am so thrilled!!! Thank you Andrea for such a wonderful and special box opening, your gift was so very thoughtful❤️ I am already in love with this precious babe!!!
Emma Kinsley

Mar 18, 2023

sue's review of Bonnie Bel (Babylux nursery ) Mar 11, 2023
she came so quickly and was boxed beautifully, thank you!!! she is SUCH a gorgeous doll, im so in love with her❤️
Reply from Bonnie BelMar 11, 2023

I’m so glad to hear you love her.. thank you again for your 2nd purchase of silicone babies.. I absolutely love full body silicone babies.. they are the ultimate baby for me. I have 5 of my own.. lol

Mar 7, 2023

sue's review of van der avoort (Privilege Reborn Silicone) Feb 17, 2023
arrived safely, beautifully boxed! this doll is so wonderful, i just love him to pieces!!!
Reply from van der avoortFeb 17, 2023

I am happy he arrives safely thank you very much )

Feb 5, 2023

sue's review of Mary (Kitty) Tittle (Cuddly Reborns & Silicones) Feb 17, 2023
oh my goodness she came safely and is sheer perfection!!! i could not love this doll more!!! beautiful work of art!
Reply from Mary (Kitty) TittleFeb 17, 2023

I am so glad she arrived safely and that you are pleased with her! Thank you so much for the kind review!🤗❤️❤️❤️

Feb 12, 2023

sue's review of Emily Ryan (Trail Rose Reborns) Feb 12, 2023
received this precious doll today...she is beautiful, exactly as pictured!! i adore her!! lovely packaging as well, thank you so so much Emily!

Feb 3, 2023

sue's review of Brenda L Earley (Earley Bird Nursery) Feb 8, 2023
Doll is absolutely adorable and she came quickly and well wrapped. Very pleased👍

Jan 30, 2023

sue's review of Steph Annie (Annies little bits ) Feb 8, 2023
Arrived quickly and well packaged. This doll is gorgeous, so well painted and rooted! I am very delighted with her!!!

Jan 18, 2023

sue's review of Elizabeth Lynch (Abundant Love Reborn Nursery ) Feb 8, 2023
Arrived well packaged and beautifully dressed! He is such a darling doll, thank you!!

Jan 30, 2023

sue's review of Christianne Miller (Dolls by Chris) Feb 8, 2023
Beautifully packaged, best box opening I've ever had out of my collective 13 doll purchases! Doll is really adorable and cuddly, I was instantly smitten😊

Jan 30, 2023

sue's review of Susan Slattery (Heavenly Cherubs Nursery) Feb 8, 2023
Arrived fast and well packaged. Its a gorgeous doll, i love him so much!!!
Reply from Susan SlatteryFeb 10, 2023

Thanks so much, I'm so glad you're pleased, Enjoy!!

Jan 30, 2023

sue's review of Bonnie Bel (Babylux nursery ) Feb 8, 2023
Beautifully packaged and the doll is absolutely gorgeous! I am a very happy customer🤗
Reply from Bonnie BelFeb 17, 2023

I’m so happy you love her..

Feb 5, 2023

sue's review of Caidance Wilson (Bitty Bunnies Nursery) Jul 28, 2022
this baby is painted very well! she arrived well packaged and i am very happy with her! thank you!

Jul 16, 2022

sue's review of Tsybina Natali (Tsybina Natali) Jul 28, 2022
this review is late because i did not know how to work this site yet. callie was my very first baby and she is GORGEOUS!!! her paint job is utterly flawless, such perfection is amazing! hair also!❤️
Reply from Tsybina NataliJul 29, 2022

Dear Sue, thank you so much for loving my work! So nice!

Aug 31, 2021

sue's review of Britt Nicole (Brittanie's Nursery) Jul 28, 2022
i am so in love with this precious boy!!! he arrived quickly and was beautifully packaged, thank you so much!!

Jul 16, 2022

sue's review of Annlee Spencer (Beloved Blessings ) Jul 28, 2022
thank you for this beautiful baby! it arrived quickly and was packaged very well👍
Reply from Annlee Spencer Jul 29, 2022

Your review is much appreciated, thank you for adopting Sam.😊⭐️😊

Jul 16, 2022

sue's review of Lisseth Castillo (Cypress Cove Babies) Jul 28, 2022
baby arrived quickly and very well packaged, she is beautiful, thank you so much!!!

Jul 16, 2022

sue's review of Rosa Alfonso (Rositas Reborn Nursery) Jul 28, 2022
received my beautiful baby right away, she is gorgeous and i love her so much! she arrived in perfect condition and beautifully packaged, thank you so very much!❤️
Reply from Rosa AlfonsoJul 29, 2022

Thank you very much Sue, it was a pleasure working with you.

Jul 16, 2022