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Kansas, United States

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Christina's review of Ava Lee (Little Reborn Wonders ) Jan 12, 2024
I feel so lucky to be able to adopt this beautiful Will. He is amazing. Fast, friendly seller. Would happily do business with her again. Thank you!!

Jan 5, 2024

Christina's review of Allison Edwards (Allison's Reborn Nursery) Jan 4, 2024
Cutest little baby!! This is my first time ordering from Allison. Her work is beautiful. Couldn't resist this tiny girl when I saw her picture. Fast shipping and so very nice and friendly. Thank you!!
Reply from Allison EdwardsJan 4, 2024

Thank you so much!

Jan 1, 2024

Christina's review of Patricia Hare (Patricia Hare) Sep 27, 2023
Patricia is wonderful!! I saw this baby that I've wanted up for adoption and I was quick to buy her. Wonderful seller. Lovely box opening. Thank you again!!

Sep 15, 2023

Christina's review of Alicia Garner (Alicia's Angels Reborn Nursery) Sep 20, 2023
I would give her 10 stars if I could!! I say it a lot but Alicia is my favorite artist. I love the capillaries and the tiny milia on the nose, looks so real it's remarkable. Thank you again, Alicia.

Sep 13, 2023

Christina's review of Shara Craig (Reborn Living Dolls) Sep 14, 2023
Thank you so much, Shara!! The belly plate was perfect and just what I was looking for.
Reply from Shara CraigSep 25, 2023

So glad. It is beautifully done.
NB Painted Belly Plate

Sep 11, 2023

Christina's review of Caitlin Abercrombie (A Bundle of Joy Reborn Nursery (Caitlin Abercrombie)) Sep 5, 2023
Beautifully painted little newborn squish. This was my first purchase from Caitlin but I will definitely purchase from her again. Her painting is beautiful and baby is weighted nicely. Thank you!!

Aug 25, 2023

Christina's review of Amanda Shaffer (Gottodownsize) Aug 1, 2023
Amanda is a wonderful person. We've bought babies from one another several times and it's always such a smooth transaction. Laura is beautiful and thank you so much for all of the goodies!

Jul 27, 2023

Christina's review of Alicia Garner (Alicia's Angels Reborn Nursery) Aug 1, 2023
I will forever love Alicia's work!! Her painting and details are always phenomenal. Thank you!!

Jul 25, 2023

Christina's review of Alicia Garner (Alicia's Angels Reborn Nursery) Jun 28, 2023
Another beautiful baby!! Alicia continues to be my favorite artist!! Her detail is exceptional. Little Quinbee is a dream. Thank you for another perfect baby, you know I will be back!

Jun 25, 2023

Christina's review of Jessica Barlow (Oak Hill Creative) May 15, 2023
Liesel is beautiful and probably a favorite in my collection, I just love those curled up newborn legs and those sweet eyes. Jessica is a wonderful person and so easy to work with!! Thank you!
Reply from Jessica BarlowMay 15, 2023

Thank you so much, Christina!! Your kind words mean everything, truly. From one Ruby kit loving girl to another, I am overjoyed she is yours. I appreciate your support more than I can say. 💕

May 10, 2023

Christina's review of Kylie Flinn (Bitty Beans Nursery) Apr 29, 2023
If I could give her more stars I would. Kylie is an amazing artist and incredibly wonderful human. Peaches is absolutely amazing!! I couldn't ask for a better person to do business with. Thank you!!

Jan 19, 2023

Christina's review of Alicia Garner (Alicia's Angels Reborn Nursery) Apr 28, 2023
This is my 4th baby from Alicia and she is my favorite artist. The skin tone on her babies is so real and the details are always amazing. Always quick to ship and always helpful and friendly.

Apr 23, 2023

Christina's review of Amanda Shaffer (Gottodownsize) Mar 4, 2023
Such a beautiful baby. The extra gifts were so nice and everything was nicely packaged. Thank you so much!!
Delilah SOLE

Feb 26, 2023

Christina's review of Alicia Garner (Alicia's Angels Reborn Nursery) Feb 16, 2023
Exceptional! Alicia is my favorite artist, her detail is extraordinary. Her shipping is always quick and the baby is always packaged nicely. Wilby is a dream. Thank you again!!

Feb 11, 2023

Christina's review of Kate Davis (KD Creative Nursery) Feb 13, 2023
Only the best words for Kate. Estella is beautiful! The painting is perfect, the hair is amazing and her weight is just the best, oh and we can't forget the beautiful box opening! Thank you so much!!

Feb 10, 2023

Christina's review of Alicia Garner (Alicia's Angels Reborn Nursery) Feb 4, 2023
I ordered 2 babies from Alicia in a week. Her work is spectacular. I will definitely be buying more babies from her. This baby boy is so cute. She didn't miss one single detail. Shipping was fast!

Jan 30, 2023

Christina's review of Alicia Garner (Alicia's Angels Reborn Nursery) Feb 1, 2023
Wow! There are no words to describe just how beautiful and precious this girl is. This is one of the most well detailed babies that I have seen. Alicia is a true artist! Thank you. We are in love!

Jan 27, 2023

Christina's review of Deborah Miller (Always Precious and Tiny reborns) Dec 12, 2022
Beautiful and such a little chunk. I love him! This is my second baby from this artist. All of her babies are beautiful. Will definitely buy more babies from her.

Nov 25, 2022

Christina's review of Deborah Miller (Always Precious and Tiny reborns) Nov 21, 2022
Just realized I never left a review but wanted to say I've had this baby almost 2 years now and she's still pristine and beautiful as the day I received her. She literally brought tears to our eyes.
Echo Rain

Apr 24, 2021

Christina's review of Caitlyn Bainum (Caitlyn's Cradle) Nov 21, 2022
I cannot say enough good things about this seller and this doll. Caitlyn is a beautiful human, always quick to respond and shipping was so quick. The baby is gorgeous and the details are amazing.

Nov 15, 2022