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     Nancy Obrigewitsch
Nancy's Angels
Wa, United States

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Nancy's review of Caroline Jones (Near and Far Nursery) Jul 22, 2024
Reborn Myst is an exceptional work of art. Every glance I find something more beautiful to admire! Seller sent extras and was great to work with. Great experience! Highly recommend!

Jul 17, 2024

Nancy's review of April Self (Blanchard Babies) Jul 20, 2024
Beyond happy with this gorgeous reborn boy! He is VERY realistic, more than the pictures show, this artists work is really top notch. Don't hesitate to buy one of her babies. Great communication too!

Jul 16, 2024

Nancy's review of JEN ATKINS (Reborns by Jen Atkins) Jul 10, 2024
He's the cutest little man! I'm so grateful to have him. Another great purchase from Jen! Great communication and fast shipping!
Reply from JEN ATKINSJul 23, 2024

Thank you!! You are so sweet! 🩷 I hope you enjoy him!

Jul 4, 2024

Nancy's review of Rebecca Moore (Strawberry Patch Nursery ) Jul 5, 2024
I'm so impressed with my Rainbow fairy! She's beautifully detailed! She was sent with extra goodies and shipped fast. The seller is awesome! I would recommend to everyone!

Jun 30, 2024

Nancy's review of JEN ATKINS (Reborns by Jen Atkins) Jun 28, 2024
I absolutely LOVE this sweet reborn! She has the cutest details that are very well attached to her! I'm VERY pleased with my purchase. Jen is great to work with as a seller and I highly recommend her.
Reply from JEN ATKINSJul 3, 2024

Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave me such a great review!! 🩷🩷
Harlow Cake Baby

Jun 22, 2024

Nancy's review of JEN ATKINS (Reborns by Jen Atkins) Jun 28, 2024
Gorgeous alternative reborn with very realistic finely painted details everywhere including unique eyes. Seller was great to work out details with sale. I would highly recommend Jen!
Reply from JEN ATKINSJul 3, 2024

Thank you so very much!!🩷

Jun 21, 2024

Nancy's review of Jade Valenzuela (Reborn Tatty) Jun 14, 2024
I am in AWE of this seller! The video of this baby was so cool! This Reborn is so sweet, very detailed. Received a great surprise box opening too. I absolutely loved the whole experience!

Jun 10, 2024

Nancy's review of Cynthia Ritter (Bumkins & Pumkins) Jun 12, 2024
The cutest little Elf/ Elfette! Lots of details on this Reborn sweetheart! Seller also sent some cute outfits and other items too. Very happy with my purchase and the quality of this Reborn.
Tyler Trixie

Jun 9, 2024

Nancy's review of Tara S. (Baby Love Nursery ) Apr 27, 2024
Precious little reborn in perfect condition! Sent with adorable extra sleeper and extras. Packaged with TLC. I'm very happy with my new little one. Thank you so much!!

Apr 23, 2024

Nancy's review of Nicole Nichols (Sunshine Five Nursery) Apr 11, 2024
These sweet twins were even more precious in person! Such awesome detail in each one. The mottling, veining, blushing and even look of moisture lends a true reality to these preemie babies.
Reply from Nicole NicholsApr 11, 2024

You are absolutely too sweet, thank you so much Nancy!!
Aspen And Leif

Apr 9, 2024

Nancy's review of Tarane F Reames (Aurora Nursery) Mar 18, 2024
Wish I could give more stars! Gorgeous reborn with every detail to make her so, so realistic and the sweetest Pascale I've ever seen! The artist was so kind to answer questions. I highly recommend her

Mar 11, 2024

Nancy's review of Nicole Nichols (Sunshine Five Nursery) Feb 20, 2024
Absolutely amazing artist. This baby is so detailed and he is weighted perfectly head to toe and so cuddly to hold! I'm going to recommend to anyone looking for a Reborn and I hope to buy from again!
Reply from Nicole NicholsFeb 20, 2024

Thank you so so much for the kind words, I'm so overjoyed that you love him!! 🥰

Feb 16, 2024

Nancy's review of Laurie Neil (Laurie’s Precious Reborns ) Jan 31, 2024
A very sweet reborn with great details. Love his hair! Beautifully packaged and safely wrapped for travel. Thank you!
Reply from Laurie NeilJan 31, 2024

Your welcome I’m so glad that you are pleased!

Jan 28, 2024

Nancy's review of Robin Thurman (Robin's Nest and Nursery) Nov 20, 2023
Absolutely the most adorable Christmas cuddle baby Elf ever!! I was also blown away by the surprise amazing box opening the artist sent!! I really love the details on her especially her painted hair!!
Reply from Robin ThurmanNov 20, 2023

Thank you so much for the 5 star review. I try so hard to make anyone that adopts my reborns are happy with my work. You too were amazing. Hugs! Robin

Nov 15, 2023

Nancy's review of Wendy Bayles (Wendy's Sweet Pea Nursery) Oct 27, 2023
Gorgeous little Reborn in pristine condition. Sent with cute extras too. I couldn't be more pleased. I would love to purchase from her again!

Oct 22, 2023

Nancy's review of April Munger (Apple of My Eye Reborns) Oct 20, 2023
Absolutely precious Reborn! Seller shipped quickly and securely. Smooth purchase! Thank you!
Reply from April MungerOct 21, 2023

Thank you for the great review! It means alot!
Summer Rain

Oct 17, 2023

Nancy's review of Laura Monroe (LoveUrreborn Nursery ) Oct 16, 2023
Adorable, detailed reborn sent with surprise extras! Seller was very kind to answer all my questions. Shipped quickly and packaged really nice and securely too!

Oct 7, 2023

Nancy's review of KHKN (KneeHighKuddlerzNursery) (KneeHighKuddlerzNursery) Jul 23, 2023
Seller sent doll with a VERY strong chemical odor. I can't even hold him. She won't admit to the issue. Has decided to accuse me instead. I have a good history of reviews on here and other sites. Sad.
Reply from KHKN (KneeHighKuddlerzNursery)Jul 23, 2023

This customer had "buyers remorse" after buying one of my toddler dolls. She'd been making false claims about a phantom smell coming from the toddler so that she could get a free doll. That's a no no!

Jul 9, 2023

Nancy's review of Heather Norris (Heather's Hope Chest) Jun 29, 2023
Beyond thrilled with this quality reborn doll. Great communication. Doll was well packaged and shipped out timely. I would definitely buy from again and recommend to other collectors!! Many thanks!!

Jun 22, 2023

Nancy's review of Annalee McClelland Smith (BUTTERFLY COVE ) Jun 15, 2023
A stunningly realistic and sweet little newborn! So detailed and sent with care. I can't help returning to this artist to purchase again because each baby is a unique, one of a kind, delight!
Reply from Annalee McClelland SmithJun 16, 2023

Thank you with all of my heart beautiful soul xosss♥️♥️♥️🦋✨️✨️✨️🦋🦋🙏

Jun 11, 2023

Nancy's review of Annalee McClelland Smith (BUTTERFLY COVE ) May 13, 2023
Absolutely stunning sweetheart! This reborn has every tiny detail imaginable! The seller is wonderful to work with, very kind. Shipped quickly and packaged so cute too. I highly, highly recommend!
Reply from Annalee McClelland SmithMay 25, 2023

Your such a sweetheart!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!!😘🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

May 8, 2023

Nancy's review of Heartstrings Creations (Heartstrings ) Apr 30, 2023
I can't say enough about how gorgeous this Reborn is and so realistic in her painting, weight and cuddliness. This artist is amazing! I would recommend this artist and buy from again!!

Apr 26, 2023

Nancy's review of Kristen Johnson (My pre-owned Reborns and more ) Apr 10, 2023
Really fantastic purchase of beautiful Reborn. Seller was so kind and thoughtful! Many, many extras and nice touches to make buying this baby doll a pleasure. I definitely recommend her!!

Apr 4, 2023

Nancy's review of Kayla Hutto (Turquoise Cradle Reborns ) Mar 25, 2023
Gorgeous Reborn Elf doll! Very realistic details! Seller went above and beyond! Great communication and shipped out quickly. I would love to buy from again!! Thank you SO much!!
Reply from Kayla HuttoMar 25, 2023

Thank you so much for your review! I am so so glad you love him and he arrived quickly! Thank you for your trust & I would love to create more babies for you in the future!
Jasper Fairy

Mar 22, 2023

Nancy's review of Julia Lauren (Julia Lauren) Mar 3, 2023
Very talented artist! All kinds of GORGEOUS detailing and smooth as silk texture to him! Wrapped up so sweetly too. Came with clothes pictured, so nice and a rare treat!!! I highly recommend.

Feb 25, 2023

Nancy's review of Cynthia Cardona (Ooh Baby Baby Nursery) Feb 21, 2023
Absolutely thrilled with the Reborn I bought from this seller. She was just as described and really so , so beautiful! Seller add some sweet outfits and more! Great communication and very friendly.

Feb 13, 2023

Nancy's review of Autumn Olson (Starr Light Reborn Nursery) Jan 4, 2023
Absolutely amazed with how realistic this micro preemie is! Very detailed and so sweet. I'm so impressed! I would definitely recommend this artist! .

Dec 30, 2022

Nancy's review of Laura Lee Lange (Crafted Couture Cottage ) Dec 7, 2022
Absolutely amazing fantasy reborn!! I love each and every detail and the lovely box opening was icing on the cake! I would love to buy from this seller again!!

Nov 25, 2022

Nancy's review of Heather McBride (Enchanted Valley Doll Studio) Dec 7, 2022
Such a sweet baby! Very huggable and love the combi hair and the eye placement gives this little one such personality! This is my 3rd doll from Heather and I'll definitely buy again!
Lilly Ann

Nov 19, 2022

Nancy's review of Heather McBride (Enchanted Valley Doll Studio) Nov 11, 2022
Such a awesome seller I had to buy another Reborn! This sweet little Reborn girl is a delight to hold and admire. So beautiful, detailed and cuddly too. I thoroughly enjoy buying her dolls!
Lulu Ariel

Oct 30, 2022

Nancy's review of Heather McBride (Enchanted Valley Doll Studio) Nov 11, 2022
Beautiful Reborn preemie baby doll! Lots of details and the cutest look! Absolutely wowed!! Great seller!
Tayla Rose

Oct 30, 2022

Nancy's review of Logan Deering (Firehouse Reborns ) Oct 22, 2022
I wish I could give this artist 10 stars! This baby is so well done with great mottling, veining, beautiful skin tone and more! i also received an unexpected nice box opening! Everything was A+++

Oct 16, 2022

Nancy's review of Diana Price Seal (Diana’s Dream Nursery) Jul 10, 2022
Reborn came with a nose rub, in a box damaged by USPS. Seller said she would file claim as she had the original USPS receipt and strung me along for months without giving me a claim # Not honest!!

Jan 25, 2022

Nancy's review of Marlese Hine (Marlese Hine) Jun 15, 2022
Great communication and beautiful Reborn in perfect condition!

Jun 1, 2022

Nancy's review of Barb Wilson (Barb's Baby Dolls) Jun 15, 2022
Absolutely super purchase! This Reborn is so realistic and the artist was very, very friendly and easy to communicate with. I happily recommend her!!

Jun 11, 2022

Nancy's review of Nicole Spires (My Little Pumpkin) Feb 22, 2022
I'm thrilled with this little guy! His detail is so sweet and perfect! His coloring is amazing and his veining surprised me! You're work as an artist is awesome! He will get lots of TLC here! Thanks!

Feb 16, 2022

Nancy's review of Deena Collins (Wag n Wil Nursery) Feb 16, 2022
Sorry for not reviewing sooner...I just figured out how!! This baby is amazing! Everyone loves how real he looks! I'd give you a million stars! He is so, so sweet! Thank you so much!!
Reply from Deena CollinsFeb 16, 2022

Thank you so much. He was wonderful to create

Feb 21, 2021

Nancy's review of Shannon Gipson (Lotus Reborn ) Feb 16, 2022
Just the sweetest little preemie ever! Very soft feel, tiny details and her eyes convey so much expression! I can tell you love your work on these angels! I'm one very happy customer!
Reply from Shannon GipsonFeb 17, 2022

Thank you! I’m so glad she found a new momma ;)

Feb 11, 2022