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Abbie reborn baby doll
By Josefina Medina

19 inches (48.2 centimeters)

Beautiful sculpture Abbie by AK Katigawa
Reborned by Josefina Medina

Full limbs
Unfortunately my scale doesn't work, but I think the baby weighs 5-6 lbs.

Baby can be girl or( boy)

Matte varnish
Hair~micro rooted with high quality mohair
Eyebrow ~painted
Eyelashes ~micro rooted
Brown glass eyes

I used only high quality materials



Strong magnets are dangerous for people who use pacemaker, and (or) electronics.

If any questions please email me

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Thank you come again! You

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  Josefina Morales Medina
US United States

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Hi welcome to my page! My name is Josefina Morales Medina, I work independently. I love what I do and I chose making reborn dolls because I love babies. I always try my best when making them. I use high quality materials only. These reborn dolls are very realistic and always one of a kind. It's very important for me to not overfill them because I want the babies to have realistic weight. Doing this makes the babies able to be in natural baby positions. In certain occasions it's impossible to get every little detail to show in pictures, for example very thin veins, tiny capillaries, painted hairline... My reborn dolls are made with many realistic details. Caution The majority of my reborn dolls have a strong magnet for the pacifier and (or) hair bows. You have to be careful around pacemakers and electronics. I can remove magnets if you ask. It's also important that if you are looking for something in particular that you don't find on my page you contact me so I can try to obtain it. I only work with ultra soft vinyl, not silicon. Note Please be sure to ask everything about the reborn doll you are planning to buy before you buy it as I do not accept returns. Thank you for visiting my page I hope you enjoyed your time and return soon. Please ask about international shipping cost.

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