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Light mottling and delicate veins

Fingernails and Fine veining on hands

Modern Onsie with Vintage Shortcake Applicae

Glossy mastercrafted Toenails and fine veins on feet.

Strawberry Shortcake
By Cassandra Booth

20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Strawberry Shortcake. Vintage 1980's styling.
Miss Shortcake is made with a Bountiful Baby Elsie Kit and a 20 inch body.
She is weighted to 1.7kg with fine premium glass beading and has a Strawberry scented Angel Silk filling.
Her Red Curly hair is painted and then Rooted into her signature style.
Her handmade accessories and outfit are all part of her amazing Adoption pack filled with Strawberry land goodies.

Ordering Information:
Birth certificate from Rare & Pretty Reborns and any genuine certificates by the sculptor.
All reborning kits and materials are purchased from Genuine kit and material Suppliers.
Reborns are packaged in stiff boxes with bubble wrap and a surprise adoption care set to ensure their safe arrival and a glorious unboxing for new Mummies.

AUS$350.00 AUD   (approx. 350.00 AUD)

Worldwide    AUS$100.00 AUD    ($100.00 AUD)    Registered Tracking

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Custom creations by Cassandra Booth. Award winning fashion designer and professional gamer. Cassandra has a passion for Pop Culture and enjoys including these elements in her reborn brand. Rare & Pretty.


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