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Realborn Logan
By Bette Lambert

20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Realborn® Baby Logan is ready to meet his new mommy. Created by artist Bette Lambert from the Realborn® Logan sculpt, this baby looks breathtakingly real. He has full length arms, full length legs, and a soft doe-suede body. Baby Logan weighs 4 lbs., 15 oz. and is 20 inches long.

A Realborn® is a model of a Real Baby. The beauty, innocence and soul of the newborn child is captured like never before in these stunning, heaven sent creations-- the most beautiful and perfect canvas ever offered to the reborn world!

Virtually every sweet baby fold, wrinkle and crease of the head, ears, eyes, nose, fingers, feet, and toes are captured with this technology. Then small details are carefully checked to assure the detail will transfer over beautifully into the vinyl. Then a 3D prototype print is created using one of the highest resolution 3D printers on the market today. From the 3d prototype print, the molds for the most perfect reborn artists' canvas (the Realborn® vinyl doll parts) are created.

Many layers of Genesis heat-set paint were applied to achieve Logan's beautiful olive complexion. Every tiny wrinkle and fold has been shaded, and his tiny nails have been tipped and sealed.

Logan has beautifully painted dark blonde hair and eyebrows, and hand-rooted Slumberland mohair eyelashes.

A magnet has been installed behind his mouth to allow him to take a magnetic pacifier.

Baby Logan is realistically weighted with tiny glass beads, filled with polyfill, and has a baby powder wafer in his torso to make him smell like a real newborn.

This little sleeping bundle of joy is ready to meet his new mommy.

Logan is signed and numbered, and will travel home with:
- Two Outfits
- White bodysuit
- Socks/Booties
- Plush Blanket
- Diapers
- Bottle with Sealed Nipple
- Magnetic Pacifier
- Birth Certificate
- Certificate of Authenticity
- Care Instruction
- and Some Extras

Heartstrings Nursery is a smoke-free facility.


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$450.00 USD   (approx. 450.00 USD)

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  Bette Lambert
Heartstrings Nursery
US United States

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My name is Bette Lambert. I am an Alabama native and the reborn artist at and owner of Heartstrings Nursery. As far back as I can remember, I have had two great loves — art and baby dolls. Reborning provides me with the opportunity to combine these two loves into a beautiful art form that puts a smile on the faces of those who see and hold the babies. By trade I am a graphic designer, with a background in mural artistry, portraiture and fine art. For many years, I operated a successful design agency in east Tennessee, with a worldwide client base and the stress that goes with it! A few years ago, I decided to slow down the pace, so I moved home to Alabama, and began teaching children's drawing classes. At some point along the way, I discovered reborn dolls and fell in love with the art. I bought them in all shapes, sizes and colors and custom ordered them. Then I decided to start making them for myself. Once I started making them and showing them to people I began to get requests for them and the rest is history! My babies can now be found in homes all over the world. No matter how many babies I reborn, each one is still special, and is created with loving care. I am continuously looking for new techniques to make my babies ultra-realistic, and I have developed a few techniques of my own that I believe set my babies apart.


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