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Left eye scratch in vinyl

Right eye scratch is on lid rim

Gerald~Lulu sculpt~less than perfect
By HoneyBunnyBabies

21 inches (53.3 centimeters)

Gerald from the Lulu sculpt by J. Printy
By: HoneyBunnyBabies

Date of Reborn: 1.7.2017
Sculpt: Lulu by J. Printy
Weight: 6 pounds
Height: 21 1/2 inches

Paints: Genesis Heat Set Paints, sealed with Dewy Skin sealer.

Nails: Softly painted with light half moons. Tips lightly painted. Nails sealed with air dry gloss.

Hair: Finely rooted with dark blond mohair from Silk Effex, a popular online seller. Rooted with a 42 gauge single barb rooting needle. Hair can be lightly dampened with water or baby doll mohair conditioner and then styled with fingers or baby brush. Remember any babies mohair can be damaged or pulled out with anything but light handling. This includes constant clothing changes. Hair has been sealed with water proof glue.

Body: Doe suede, fabric torso with three fourths limbs. Filled with poly fibers and glass beads for weight.

Eyes: Brown acrylic eyes with light brown applied (not rooted) eyelashes.

Eyebrows: Light brown, finely painted brows.

This baby developed some scratches in the vinyl during the reborning process. One scratch is on the left eye lid and the other is along the right rim of the lid. This makes this baby less than perfect and he is priced accordingly. That being said, I have created a "red scratch" on the left lid and it looks very, very realistic. The right lid scratches are covered by the applied lashes and can really be seen only by looking very closely for the scratches. I wanted to point these things out because I want Gerald's parent to be happy and confident that he is the baby for him or her. I have included pictures as evidence if his less than perfect areas that are scratched vinyl.

Painting style: Gerald is painted with a medium complexion. He has veining that is barely visible under his "skin" He is blushed in appropriate places. Lips are beautiful and sealed with airdry gloss.

Gerald is a full sized infant, and fairly heavy baby. He is weighted with glass beads in his limbs and body. His head has a pouch of glass beads and makes his head floppy even though he can sit up with a prop (like a pillow) behind him. His head must be supported when held.

Size of clothing: Gerald is wearing a newborn size, boutique romper. But it is a little bigger than most normal, newborn clothing. So, he would be able to wear 0-3 month and possibly some 3 month size clothing.

Magnets: NONE. Safe around electronic devices and people with pacemakers.

Gerald uses a modified, not magnetic pacifier because he has an open mouth.

Coming home with baby: boutique, blue, velour romper, a receiving blanket, modified (cut nipple) pacifier, two diapers (one he is wearing), birth certificate, care instructions, a lovey and a surprise item.

Baby will come sealed in a bag to prevent water damage.

Pictures taken with a 10 mega pixel camera indoors during a dark and gloomy evening. Also a few taken with a cell phone.

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$188.00 USD   (approx. 188.00 USD)

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  Julie Cannon
US United States

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HoneyBunnyBabies is my nursery name. I create reborns in my spare time as a way to express myself through a unique art form. All of my babies are created without a final "vision" of what I think they should look like. I let them become what they are meant to be. This is why I often don't even know the gender of my babies until I have completed him or her. Because of this, I don't do customs. I hope you find a baby you love. Julie HoneyBunnyBabies


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