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Kirsten by Stephanie Sullivan
By Stephanie Sullivan

15 inches (38.1 centimeters)

This is Sam. He's the Kirsten kit by Stephanie Sullivan.

I spent many hours painting Sam. I used Genesis Heat Set paints, and gave him many thin layers to make him look as real as possible. I also gave him 3D skin texture.

Sam is weighted with glass beads, and poly pellets. He has tiny glass beads in his head, arms and legs. The poly pellets are in his belly to give him weight.

Sam has a soft cloth body, and has been signed by me, the reborn artist.

He has 3/4 arms and legs.

He is 2lbs 7.2 oz. He was born February 2nd, 2013.

Sam is approximately 15" long. He wears preemie clothes, but they are big on him. He would fit 2-3lbs preemie clothes.

Sam comes home with:
Green knit blanket (made by me)
Birth Certifitcate (name can be changed by request)
Care instructions

If you want the little bunny pictured with Sam, just put it in the notes. :)

Sam is meant as a collector doll, not a toy. I would not recommend him to children under 12. He should be played with gently, and cared for like a real baby. Support his head, do not pick him up by his arms or legs.


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One of a kind reborns. All reborns are made with the most love and care. All reborns are painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints. Many hours are put into each and every reborn to give them the most lifelike appearance. When you adopt a reborn, you'll receive clothes, blanket (hand-made by me or purchased), brush and comb, toy (handmade by me or purchased), birth certificate, diaper (hand-made by me) and of course an adorable reborn baby to hold (reborned by me)! Each reborn is signed by me with the date the reborn was born (completed).


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