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Walter created by Nikki Atkinson, Made With Love Reborn Nursery

Walter created by Nikki Atkinson, Made With Love Reborn Nursery

Walter created by Nikki Atkinson, Made With Love Reborn Nursery

Walter created by Nikki Atkinson, Made With Love Reborn Nursery
Walter by Laura Tuzio-Ross
By Nikki Atkinson

18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

Walter by Laura Tuzio-Ross. approx 18 inches. Hand-painted hair. Painted with GHSP and sealed with matt varnish. Weighted using glass beads.
Walter will go home to his new mummy wearing his hand-made gown and matching nappy cover with nappy, singlet and hat. He also includes a laminted birth certificate and travel companion.

AUS$380.00 AUD   (approx. 380.00 AUD)

$30 AUD Australia-wide (registered and insured)   

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  Nikki Atkinson
Made With Love Reborn Nursery

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My name is Nikki Atkinson and I am the sole artist behind Made With Love Reborn Nursery. I first discovered the wonderful art of reborning while shopping on ebay before my youngest daughter Aimee was born in 2008. After seeing many title descriptions for clothing saying "suitable for newborn or reborn" I one day decided to search on the site for what a "reborn" was. What I discovered sparked my interest in finding more about how to make these amazing life-like creations. It wasn't until a few weeks later when I attended the Rockhampton Porcelain Dollmaker Inc annual Doll Show in July 2008 that I found out how they were created and saw my first "live" reborn. Expecting Aimee to arrive any day I decided to wait until I had a little more time on my hands before taking on a new hobby. In early 2009 with Aimee then about 6 months old I once again started looking into reborning and set about researching starter kits and looking at others babies on ebay. Over the space of a few months I adopted a few reborns of my own and finally ordered my starter kit. With each new baby I create my skills as a reborn artist are continuing to develop to new levels. I use Genesis Heat Set Paints and premium quality mohair. My babies are weighted using a combination of fine glass beads, poly pellets and poly fill for a realistic feel. I strive to achieve a realistic look and many hours are spent lovingly bringing my little angels to life. I have sent babies all over Australia and overseas to Canada. To date my greatest reborning achievement was winning Best Reborn Doll at Winter Wonderland 2011.


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