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Lexi-Lu Silicone...Only $520USD plus post!! (Orphan)
By Michelle Fagan

16 inches (40.6 centimeters)

I reluctantly have my sweet silicone baby for sale... she is a real cutie pie. Her name is Lexi Lu and she was created by Michelle Fagan. She is from a limited edition of 12 and she is 16". Lexi is made from the super soft silicone and has the most amazing micro-rooted hair which is gorgeous and soft. She has baby brown hair and blue eyes. She has full arms, non jointed shoulders and a cuddly cloth body. The day I got her, I noticed that two of the grooves in her wrist looked a little different to the rest, they can be fixed easily, but I have left her as she is as it didn't bother me. Lexi is a beautiful silicone for anyone wanting to buy their first silicone baby or add to their collection.


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  Sarah Bartle
Sarah's Little Cherubs
New Zealand

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I have been reborning for four years now and love bringing these special babies to life. I use the best quality materials available to make them as life-like as possible and I take the utmost care and attention to detail to create a beautiful baby that can be cherished.


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