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20 inches (50.8 centimeters)
by Simone Bell

REALBORN KIMBERLY - ready for adoption! BIRTHDATE 11/23/16 SCAN of a real infant REBORNED BY: Simone Bell, Diamond Reborn Dolls LENGTH: 20 inches WEIGHT: Six lbs. LIMBS: Full legs & full arms HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: 14 1/4 inches KIMBERLY WEARS 3 - 6 month outfits. COMES WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE Kimberly isn't floppy like a newborn, but she should be handled carefully and her head supported. She has plenty of mottling and veining; many layers lovingly done over many days. Her hair is carefully painted and sealed to look realistic as possible. Her nails are tipped with white and glazed for a lovely glow. There is also "mousture" on either side of her eyes, as well as her lips. Her eyebrows are painted and her eyelashes are rooted and sealed from the inside. Her limbs and head are all sealed for protection. Her body is quality doe suade and she's weighted with coarse glass beads. There is NO organic material inside of this reborn like dirt, sand, rice, etc. She is brought to life with quality materials and, with proper handling, she should last a lifetime. Kimberly is, for all intents and purposes, a piece of art. She is not to be handled by small children. She is not a toy, but a beautiful representation of nature's finest creation. SHE COMES WITH A HANDMADE CROCHETED BLANKET. AT LEAST TWO NEW OUTFITS. HER CHRISTMAS OUTFIT A RECEIVING BLANKET. HER TOY. 3 NAPPIES. A ONESIE. HER PACIFIER. PERSONALIZED BIRTH CERTIFICATE She has magnets sealed behind her lips, enabling her to take a pacifier. KIMBERLY WEARS 0 - 3 MONTH CLOTHING. COMPLETELY HAND-PAINTED!

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